Thermal breaks for RSJ's

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Jeepers, steel beams with plate welded beneath is standard stuff. Has Swwils not seen one? Woody (he who thinks raw steel belongs in scrapyards) will be chuffed when he sees our latest painted Hammerite black fella, we're installing tomorrow. We'll try and introduce insulation where the jambs will allow, using foam fix etc.

I do approve.

IIRC, a few years ago you have been throwing any old bit of rusty angle iron in.

All I need to do now is get FMT to take more care on his drawings and my work here is done.

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Ofc I've seen it but this specific topic was on thermal breaks which suggests client has deeper pockets and laser focus on energy or something and stuff.

OP literally called rich.
Sounds like someone has been given a bonkers tight deflection tolerance and as a result a bonkers detail has been imagined up.

Probably the result of a plan drawer rather than architect. Really outer steel should have been totally inboard of the glazing and the glazing support bracketed out... Not an uncommon problem. Too late now?

A salutary lesson in employing a qualified industry expert with experience.
Ours composite steel beam landed above side wind posts, hence the hefty steel plate welded beneath the SHS...

It was a right ball ache because the ground in front of the doors is 500mm lower than the threshold. Ended up building a temp' platform out of planks and ply sheet runners
You must be getting old if you and the lads couldn't hump that up and in.
I weighed up men V's machine. It cost £232 in machinery (x2 Genies and a micro digger delivered) and we had it in by 9:15 am. I'd have needed scaffold and all manner of blokes wrestling that beast. 200kg's is no fun when its that long and that shape. At least with a U Beam you can grapple with it. I could have got away with one genie, but didn't fancy it.

My plan worked to a tee. :mrgreen:
Thermal bridging of the steel frame was something I really wanted to minimise. Here is how I did it in the end. I've just updated this post:

FMT couldn't care less, designers and SE's will continue using the standard beam with a plate and the minimal issue of cold bridging will continual to be just that.
Why is the steel not broken?
You can't thermally break an RSJ

but it’s the head of the aluminium track which is up against the steel.

Mount it higher and put marmox blocks between the head of the door and the steel. Pre-drill and fire the door fixings through the support blocks in the marmox if you're really keen

If you don't have the luxury of lifting the steel up (and remember Marmox blocks can be sawn down) you can look to separate the door head from the steel horizontally by bolting/Hilti gunning a strip of ply to the flange and then fixing the door to the ply. The wider you can make the ply (separate the rsj and the door horizontally) the better
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