This is a DIY Disaster,- Big Time !!!

23 Jul 2012
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South Australia
United Kingdom
Saw the end result, as did everyone else walking, or driving past ! Very distinctive DIY project gone horribly wrong !!

Local post-office staff, & local hardware store owner saw it happen. The local, " Scrooge," was the culprit !! His house is on a large corner block, and had a very large Aussie gum tree in the yard which had a limb overhanging one side of the house. Mr," Scrooge," checked out all the properly-equiped Tree-pruning Services,- and rejected them all, then went and enquired about the hire of a trailer-mounted, " Cherry-Picker, " which was also," too expensive,"

Now, he's not exactly short of a Dollar, ( Pound ), by any means, as he owns four cars including a late model Jag,- just " Stingy. " He desided to construct his own scaffolding from old rusty waterpiping, tied together with ropes, to which he also attached his old trusty step-ladder. He built this contraption alongside the tree.

Moved his prized Jag to the side of the tree which had the limb leaning over the house, ( don't ask why ?? ). Went and borrowed a light chainsaw from someone, which when he clambered up his home-made scaffolding, he discovered he couldn't quite reach the limb with the chainsaw, so he had a brainy idea.

He taped the chainsaw to another piece of waterpipe, made sure the throttle was wide open, and had another go. He started the chainsaw, reached up to cut the limb,- which went according to plan,- then DISASTER Struck !! Chainsaw cut limb OK, then he dropped it, motor screaming, straight down and through the windscreen of the Jag, followed by the branch, which demolished a brick chimney on its was down to Terra-Firma.

The limb being all of a good 12 inches thick, & cut on an angle, made a perfect spear,- straight through the roof of his pride-and-joy, which was then peppered by falling bricks as well. The Jag is a right-off !! He can't claim insurance as he considered ALL insurance policies to be," Scams !!

" The wrecked Jag is still in his yard, complete with attached branch,- and the bricks from the demolished chimney.
I am not repeating what his wife said when she dashed outside to see what the commotion was all about,- You can guess that !!!!

Will say one thing though,- this guy definately made every else's DIY Disasters look minor in comparison !!

'ave a good day,
( and a good laugh as well )
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never happened. For example he must have insured the car as it is required, same with the house...

Cool story bro...

Plus sentences and paragraphs help with understanding what you are writing.
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He may have had just third party motor insurance plus there's no law requiring you to insure your house AFAIK . Good story though !

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