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Todays domestic job... another

Discussion in 'Electrics UK' started by SUNRAY, 9 Jun 2021.



    28 Jul 2009
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    United Kingdom
    Been out to daughters tonight and returned home 20:30 on the dot with the intention of walking off some of the the curry takeaway and the phone rang. I was told the customer sounded like an elderly person panicking saying he had just broken a switch and replaced it with a switch he had but it doesn't work and is concerned about having no lights. It happened to be a neighbour to this job who gave him the phone number:
    as it's 200yds from home Sunray was asked to go look. I grabbed a tool pouch and walked.

    Quite right an elderly couple in their 80's switch at exactly the same height as the handle of his walking aid, he stumbled and broke the switch which he says was fizzing, part was even still laying on the floor. He had a spare switch and he swears the wires went into L1 & L2 on the old switch so that's where he'd wired them to. I moved one to com and turned power on, it worked, I screwed it to the backbox and home by 20:48 phoning in to say it's done.

    How nice to get a genuine report, no turdus bovinus and a genuinly grateful customer.
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