Unable to disarm DSC PC1832 via delay zone, system goes into alarm

23 Jul 2017
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United Kingdom
Hi, I am installing a DSC PowerSeries PC1832 panel and having trouble disarming.

With the alarm set, when I enter via a delay zone I am unable to disarm the system with the user code. After the delay the alarm enters the alarm state, at which point I am able to stop the alarm with the user code.

I have recorded a video showing the problem:

1. Arm with code
2. Exit via delay zone
3. System arms
4. Enter via delay zone
5. System starts entry delay
6. Enter user code - Alarm does not disarm
7. Alarm sounds after delay ends
8. Enter user code during alarm
9. System disarms with alarm occurred report

If I enter an incorrect code the screen tells me this.

I have tried setting up a an additional user code, but the same issue occurs whether trying to disarm with the master code or the additional user code.

If I arm the system, I am able to disarm with the code if the delay zone is not tripped:

It's a DSC PC1832
Have tried the entry/exit zone set to type 01 (delay 01) and 34 (final door set)

I'm using DEOL setup.
The door contact sensor has a built in resistor at 4.7k, not the 5.6k as provided by DSC - but it senses open/close fine and tamper is not triggered. No system troubles are showing.

There is only this (1) zone connected to the system for testing, as zone 09 (zone 1 on the first PC5108 card)
All other 32 zones are set to 00 null.

There is one keypad and two PC5108 cards installed.

Thanks for your help, as I am gutted to be stumped this early on in the install and testing!
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Not sure of this alarm panel, but can you set it to an inhibited zone, rather than a delay (but they may be the same on your panel) as an inhibited zone.

Just found the manual; try changing it to a definition 05 instead.
Thanks for the suggestion.
I stumbled across the solution in another engineer's setting: preventing entry of user codes during entry delay - bizarre! Turned that one off and we're in business now.
British Gas installed this system in every new build they got up here in Jockland and the panel is decent but always replaced as no installer can maintain it.
I have taken over a lot and the panel is always located in the master bedroom wardrobe..... god knows why!
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Yeah, my keypads are BG branded.

Wardrobe install - more secure/hidden location?

I'm moving mine from downstairs w/c up into the loft.
Does the loft get hot in the summer?, may not be the best place if it does.
Didn't think of that. Likely to cause an issue do you think? Is there an operating temp range for panels?

It certainly is the most secure location to avoid tampering.
The hot in the summer and then cold in the winter is going to take more of a toll on the panel, but to be honest, if you trust you're mates (as they're the ones wandering round the house), then you don't really need to worry too much about tampering of the panel. Any really desperate thief would very likely drill a hole in the bell, and fill it with expanding foam, then they don't need to worry about the panel. Most thefts are opportunistic, and would scarper when the bell goes off.

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