Using Zones on the Texecom RKP

19 May 2011
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United Kingdom
Hi All,

i have a Texecom Premier elite 48 panel, Elite RKP and a load of Pyronix (kx15dq) PIRs.

At the moment I have 1 PIR EOL connected to Zone 1. The RKP's Zone 1 is mapped to the panels Zone 9.
so in effect i only have 2 PIRs connected, 1 in Zone 1 and the other in Zone 9.

I seem to be having problems with the PIR connected to the RKP. Everytime I Arm the alarm panel - this particular PIR goes into 'self-test' mode.

this is how I've wired up

+ +
- -
Alarm Alarm (EOL)
Tamper Tamper (EOL)

I'm using 4k7 resistor for the Alarm and 2k2 resistor for Tamper.

can someone tell me if this is the correct setup, or do i have to do something to the settings?


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Yes, i'm using Wintex - is there anything in particular I should be looking for?
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This is this is the process I go through..

i punch my code, the RKP welcome me and asks if i want to arm the system.

as soon as I hit yes, the PIR connected directly to the RKP starts to flash, and according to Pyronix this is something that the PIR does when its first powered up.
the exact words they use are:
'it will run through a self-test routine, indicated by the flashing blue LED'

my first post doesn't show how i've connected it up properly.. hopefully this makes more sense:

On the RKP (bottom up),

The first Alarm connection is made to the Alarm(EOL) connection on the PIR
The second Alarm connection is not connected to anything
The first Tamper connection is not connected to anything
the second Tamper connection is made to the Tamper (EOL) connection on the PIR

i have a feeling that I haven't wired it up incorrectly.
No that's correct just one thing the keypad
connection you haven't put one of the wires in the output have you ?
The output isn't connected to anything.

the PIR manual says that i should only be using 4k7 resistor on on the tamper, but the texecom panel manual says that i should use 4k7 on alarm and 2k2 on tamper.

could this be the problem?
no its 2.2k tamper and this wont change what the pir is doing its only a relay have you tried setting system ? what happens when you set system ?
This looks like a power problem. Have you put the negative wire into the keypad terminal marked - or the terminal marked O/P- ? Photos of the wiring at both ends would help.
Ok, sorry, missed that. :oops: The OP thinks its correct but its an easy mistake to make. Photos would confirm.
Hahn man.

Went upstairs, pulled off the back of the Keypad took a picture and just as I went to upload it... I noticed something. The ice wire for the Pir was plunged into the Rx port.
I couldn't believe it.. I checked this several times.

I've corrected the error and it seems to be working fine now.
Thanks PC and thanks for all your help sparky!

Again.. I'm still in shock... it was the first thing I checked!!

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