11 Jan 2004
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United Kingdom
I have asked my local van hire co. for a VW Jumbo XLWB. They are supplying instead a Transit T35 EL 140LX.

I've tried to find out from the hire co. what size this load bay is. The phone line is closed and the internet site tells me nothing.

I need a 4m load bay with hi roof.

Ford's website does not recognise that model number.... :rolleyes:

Would somebody who is familiar with Transits please help?

Thanks a mill.
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Not heard of a T35 either :oops:

The transit T230 LWB Hi Roof comes in with these specs.

Ford transit Connect Dimensions
Overall Length (mm) 4525
Overall Width (mm) 1795
Overall Height (mm) 1981
Loading Height (mm) 601
Load Height (mm) 1364
Load Length (mm) 1986 / 22714 (Passenger Seat Folded Down)
Load Width (mm) 1226 / 1492
Load Volume (m?) 3.7 / 4.4 (Passenger Seat Folded Down)
Gross Payload (Kg) 900
Towing Limit (Kg) 800
Tank (Litres/Gallons) 60/13.2

Hpoe this helps Secure ;)
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Thanks. I can see a reference to 350 there, but cannot see EL. Am I looking in the wrong place?
OK. But the only reference to a larger than normal van on that page is "Jumbo". Is that the EL model?
The transit jumbo is a huge beast like the sprinter/volkswagon lwb you can get 4m length on the floor.

Are you taking dex camping?
That's what I need: the 4m load length + a hi-roof.

I've tried the van hire co. but they don't seem to know the exact dim's....

TBH, I'm a bit annoyed with them. I asked originally for a VW Crafter XLWB, which they quoted for, then when I saw the booking form, it was a Tranny.

Trouble is, I'm not paying for it, the SA are, so I can't complain!
I've tried the van hire co. but they don't seem to know the exact dim's....

Secures, if the hire company dont know the exact dims and they would be useful/are critcal to you, ask them for the reg no of the van, go on DVLAs website and find out the exact model it is, and then go on the manufactuerer's website and get the dims there :idea:

Long way round - but it gets you the info :!:
Is the T35 series, the Connect series of vans? Must be a stretch version? lol
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