VW Bora central locking no go with key fob

17 Apr 2007
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United Kingdom
'99 TD Bora

The central locking has stopped working from key fob. The indicators flash in response to pressing the fob but central locking action.

Ideas please folks ?
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Hummm, looks like you will need to synch your keyfob to the car, the instructions on how to do this are is the owners manual if you got one?
Have already tried to synch, sadly no joy.

I've bought new fob batteries so will see if they solve the problem. That worked with my Rover 45 key fob !
Have tried new batteries in the key fob - sadly no go.

The alarm activation is working but no central locking.

Does anyone know if there's a fuse for the central locking on the Bora TD (99 reg) ?
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just an idea,have you actually taken the key apart and inspected the remote part,it may be a split pcb or even a button that has come adrift.

on my mums puma remote the button had parted company with the pcb.
The remote still switches the alarm on/off so its seems it is omitting the signal.

I change the batteries in both remotes and the all seem fine inside but I appreciate your input, thanks.

By the way this brand of battery for remotes is good value. Replaced the remote batteries for my Rover 45 two years ago and still going strong.

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The rear door locks stopped working on the central locking quite a while back.
that could well be the wires have frayed or broken within the door gaitors then.
I had word back from my sister who owns the Bora.

Before the central locking stopped working last week,

the driver's door worked,

the nearside doors sometimes worked so intermittent,

the rear offside door didn't work at all.

Now that the CL does not work at all, she unlocks/lock the driver's door with key, then the other doors manually.

Yes, though not sure if that particular device reads them properly.

The MK4 Golf/Bora have lots of problems with the door lock modules, specifically the microswitches don't register if the door is shut (or open) properly. If the interior door open light or the lights-on buzzer also seem to be playing up, it's a good clue that this is the source of the problem. If the Central Locking thinks a door is still open it won't lock properly. Though it normally won't arm the alarm either.
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There is a module that lives under the passenger side carpet that gets wet, leading to all sorts of problems even though the carpet feels dry to touch. Maybe worth taking it out and having a look at the connections, a little bit awkward to get at but causes quite a few strange problems.
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