Help re-programming Seat key fob

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might of been better starting a new thread rather then replying to a post thats 2 years old,

there should be a little hole in the middle of the fob insert a small balded object and GENTLY lever it apart,BE VERY CAREFUL when you do this because there every chance the immobilizer chip will fall out AND if you lose this you wont be able to start your you not have a independent car/parts supplier near you who will do this for you?.

Hey there. I'm having the most ridiculous issues with a 00 Seat Leon 1.4 Stella central locking system. First off the keyfob wasn't working - which was what the private seller of the car cited as the reason for the system not working. So I bought new batteries...

When I opened the key to replace the battery a tiny white plastic and metal chip fell out of the key. I couldn't find where it came from and it didn't appear to have fallen off the circuit board within the key - or not from anywhere I could see. But now having read your post I'm wondering if this tiny white chip with a little metal disc on top might be part of the reason why I cannot resync the key to the car. Note: The car is starting with both the key with the buttons and the spare key. I've tried all variations of the syncing methods available on various forums online but without success. (I still have the chip in a safe place.)

At the moment the central locking does all of the following intermittently: locks all doors, locks some doors, locks the driver's door only, locks and unlocks all doors but leaves the bootlid locked. When the latter happens it cannot be unlocked from any of the 3 doorlocks on the car and I must wait for it to unlock itself. Most recently, the electric windows in the front of the car (manual in the back) have taken to opening themselves when the car is locked and in addition to the obvious security issues, in the rain this has become a real pain!

I've read that aftermarket stereo wiring can sometimes cause issues like this with the electrics in the Leon, but it has an original SEAT CD player installed.

Anyone have any ideas as to what is up with the locking? Anyone have any idea what the little white plastic and metal chip is? Does anyone have any fix for this problem or is it going to be an expensive nightmare?
well im thinking the little bit of plastic that fell out may well be your pats chip?
does the key start the car ok,without cutting out within a few seconds,if it does then you were luckey.
Hi - taken me a while, but I tried several variants from looking around on this + sites around the "put the key in ignition" theme over the w/end to fix my keyfob not working with the central locking.

None of them have worked and to make matters worse, the central locking doesnt now work also. Suspect one of them did the damage
(reset ?) Workaround: locking the doors from the inside means the car is secure but its real pain ..

Any helps or suggestions appreciated ...this is new space for me, as you can probably guess.

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do you have a version of the galaxy?

i know on the shalaxy's it has been posted before that it can take a few attempts to get it to work correctly.

does the central locking work by inserting the key into the door lock?
if not,depending on version it could be anything from your ecu/dentral locking module/alarm swimming in water,(under passenger seat)
to the wires in the door rubber boots that are strangled and break.
to the locking motors themselves.

does the key start the car?

try here,

im a moderator on there and ill help in any way i can.

have just bought an 01 Leon, the central locking didnt work from the key fob but the person i got it from told me it was due to dead battery.
i have replaced the battery but now when i press a button no LED comes on.
do i have to go through the re-sync procedure to enable this or is the fob dead.

i appriciate that this is a really old thread but any help would be great. :LOL:
Hey, I realize I'm a couple years late. If you have found out perhaps other people googling this could have use of this thread.
I had the same problem with my '00 Alhambra 1.9 TDI, so I looked it up in the user manual. I actually got it to work. This is what it said:
1. Insert the key in the driver's side front door, and turn it three times forward within 5 seconds. (The way it normally unlocks).
2. Take out the key.
3. Hold the 'lock' button and press the unlock button 3 times
4. Release the 'lock' button
5. Now you see the little light inside the door flashing (that normally indicates the alarm is turned on). The light on the key should also be flashing.
6. The light inside the door should stop flashing and just be on for a while.

If you want to syncronise other keys aswell you have to do it immediately after you have syncronised the first one. That is; it has to be done while the light inside the door is still shining.

I hope this helps some confused Seat owners. I don't think it works for other Seat cars though, but try it.
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