Wall mount worries!

6 Dec 2015
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United Kingdom
I recently moved into a flat with a wall-mounted TV which I'm now spending half my time worrying about.

As you can see from the pictures the top two screws are jutting out, I'm not sure how far back they go and if this was intended to have the TV at a slight viewing angle? I basically want reassurance that it's not going to fall at any point, I've applied (very crudely I know) some Polyfila around the screws just for my own peace of mind.

If people think it is going to fall can they advise what to do next?

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Take the bracket off the wall and refit properly.
If the TV needs to be tilted, get a bracket which can do that.
As flameport says.

The bracket fit has been bodged or someone swung on it way harder than they should and it started to come out. Either way it is dangerous as it is. BTW, the Polyfilla isn't really doing much for the security of the bracket and TV. There's not enough anchorage area to provide any real grip, plus the forces involved are pulling the joint apart which is a mode where the Polyfilla will be weakest.
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Is it your TV?

If it isn't yours you need to report it asap to the landlord/letting agent. If it is yours then take your TV off the mount before it gets damaged or damages someone.

As others have stated it is unsafe and needs to be recitified as a matter of urgency - imagine it choosing to fall off the wall while a small child/baby is underneath.
...and just to reiterate what Lucid has said - the polyfilla isn't really doing anything.
If it's the landlords get him to fix it (it will be cheaper than replacing the TV) at least make him / her aware that it is unsafe and could fall off at any time.
If it's your responsibility, you need to ensure that you get the correct fixings for your wall type. Screws / plugs for brick / plaster wall. Hollow wall fixings for stud wall such as "Grip it" or "Dry Line Pro" for Dot and Dab.
Otherwise you will end up in the same situation.

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