1. C

    What is the most effective type of screw / plug for weight to use in a part of the wall that has already been repaired with polyfilla?

    I had a Brantia internal washing line for maybe ten years until one day it came crashing down due to the weight demands put on it and it pulled the plug on one side out of the wall with a bit of the wall as well. The hooks on the other side were just fine, but on the other side there is a metal...
  2. P

    Please can tell me what this screw is (if it is a screw!) and how to get it out?

    Hiya, thank you for reading this :-) I want to take my bannister off to replace it and it's held up, I think, by the screws in the photo which are in twos at intervals along the length of it. I'm only guessing they're screws - could be anything?! I have no clue! Please could someone tell me...
  3. oldcardriver

    Is there a standard for self tapping screws.

    I ordered some countersunk self tapping stainless screws from eBay and for the same identity number, they are thinner than Spax wood screws, hence is there a universal standard for screws or do different manufacturers use a different standard, or is there a different standard for different types...
  4. A

    Screwing down tongue and groove boards for ledge and brace gate

    Hi, I'm constructing a 6ft x 3ft ledge and brace garden gate using 15mm thick tongue and groove boards and 40mm thick ledge and bracing. I've seen a number of youtube clips which show joiners constructing such gates by screwing the boards down from the back of the gate rather than the front for...
  5. A

    Fixing a tv to the wall

    Hi everyone. I am trying to fit a tv to the wall and would very much appreciate some help. Upon getting a tv bracket and drilling into what i thought was a solid wall diving our living room and bedroom, the wall isnt a solid wall after all. I have 60mm of some material that is soft, plasteboard...
  6. L

    So many popped screws!

    Hi. We've recently had a loft conversion completed and many aspects of it look a bit iffy. This is likely be the first of many posts so please bear with me (sorry!). One thing which really bothers me is all the popped screws. There are over 60 of them that we can see. The conversion includes 3...
  7. P

    Radiator on studs on top of bricks

    I need to hang a radiator (160cm wide, 50cm high, total weight around 35kg) via two brackets to a plasterboard wall. The wall is external, so that it has studs (about 12mm deep and 50mm wide) behind the plasterboard and then bricks behind the studs. I am lucky enough to have studs in...
  8. R

    Screwing into a plasterboarded wall

    I’m going to try to put a tv on the wall but haven’t done any DIY before. It’s an external wall which is brick then plasterboard. I purchased Fischer Duopower 10 x 80s plugs which came with screws. The problem is I don’t have the right length drill bits or nut driver for those screws. I...
  9. DrWho

    Rose lever type lounge door handle issue.

    Noticed one side of an internal door steel lever rose handle fitment to the door coming slightly loose, after undoing the circular piece I can see whoever fixed it to the door didn't fit all the required screws on one particular side, the two flat headed screws are in, but there are also three...
  10. D

    Glue tile backers to stud?

    To help prevent panels dropping later, I was thinking of glueing aquapanels to the stud (additional to screwing & edge glueing panels with proprietary glue). Any thoughts? Panels to be supported on horiz. rail anyway, so just run some Gorilla up the stud before fixing them?
  11. D

    Best screws for treated fencing

    Sorry if this is daft question but what are best screws to use on a treated timber fence? Are galvanised screws ok or should I use stainless. Some people recommend decking screws but these are too long for what I want. The fence will be left natural so I don't want rust streaks appearing down...
  12. wilco88

    Glue and nail floorboards or just nail? Or screw?

    Hi, I have lifted the 1930's pine floorboards from my house. I plan to insulate underneath them and then re-lay and sand. Should I: 1. Glue and nail them down 2. Just nail them down 3. Screw and glue 4. Just screw Worried about squeeky floor boards. Any advice would be great. Thanks.
  13. N

    Screws and plugs: Heavy Mirror on Chimney breast

    Hi folks, Advice very welcome - I have a heavy mirror that I need to install on my living room chimney breast. 1950's/60's build so assuming plaster on brick? I think...? The mirror is round, 100cm in diameter, is about 20kg and has 2 x sawtooth bracket to hang on screws. See the pics...
  14. Q

    Light switch bodge job help needed

    Light switch is very flaky, and keeps coming away from the kitchen wall. Not good if you're about to try and sell a property. The 1-gang 35mm deep steel back box has its lugs broken off. Can't see how I could replace it as the gap in the tiles is too small. The left hand screw has a 40mm...
  15. D

    Stainless hex masonry screws - where can I find some?

    In the UK, that is. Easily available in the US and Oz but I can't find the right search terminology to source any in the UK.. To fix sub floor cls, on membrane, to conc. base. I sealed with Sikka rapid dpm and will completely cover with membrane too. Thank you. Dain
  16. G

    Fixings for kitchen wall cabinets

    Hi all, Sorry if this is in the wrong forum section - let me know if I should post elsewhere! Currently fitting a new IKEA kitchen, they come with the metal rails, which you fix to the wall and "hang" the cabinets onto...
  17. M

    Screws for resilient bars?

    I am about to fit a new ceiling using resilient bars and am wondering what screws I should be using to affix the boards to the bars? Is this where the difference between coarse and fine threaded plasterboard comes into play? If so, my gut feeling is that it'd be the fine threaded screws that are...
  18. P

    What kind of screw for rawlplug uno?

    I have this kind of anchors (plugs): rawlplug uno The sizes of screw it accepts are clear; however, there is a lot more to screws besides sizes. Despite googling hard, I couldn't understand what type of screws they should go with: wood...
  19. D

    Twin thread or Coarse drywall screws? What difference? etc

    12mm PB going up on ceiling, what difference does it make wether twin or coarse? Are twin/coarse intended for different purposes? I had to shim the underside of joists with 9.5 ply strips, panel pin and pva fixed, so I'll probably use longer than the usual recommended 38mm (not that 38mm...
  20. D

    Drywall screws min. edge distance

    What would the recommended minimum edge distance be for drywall screws? Thank you