Water keeps leaking from shower tray...

18 Jan 2015
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United Kingdom
I have a fairly large frameless hinged door shower enclosure (1400x1000)

My problem is that the door seal at the bottom catches a trim screwed into the tray each time I open or close the shower door, this in turn causes movements on both sides of the enclosure.

The enclosure is sitting on the tray and is only being held in place by the sides being screwed into the walls and silicon along the bottom, this causes with the entire enclosure seems to have considerable movement (sometimes) and not sturdy (as i think it should be).

The biggest issue is being caused by the constant catching and jerking of the enclosure by the door.

All the sides, the door and the tray itself are level & plum so I can't understand why it's catching.

My plumber said that frameless enclosures are no good as there's nothing keeping them (frame/panels being screwed into the tray) in place and sturdy, although I understand this, surely this would be classed as a design error and they wouldn't be made anymore?

Is my plumber correct or is there possibly anything that we've missed & could be done

Thanks in advance
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Would it be possible to replace that problem screw with a countersunk one, do you think?
It doesn't sound like the enclosure is particularly sturdy!
John :)
The door isn't catching the screw, it's catching the trim that is screwed into the bottom.

My apologies for the confusion, I didn't explain it very well & I can see why you think the screw is the problem.

The biggest problem is the enclosure isn't very sturdy and due to the movement the silicone has come loose at different places, therefore water leaking out from several issues around the enclosure.

The root cause is the door catching this trim and causing the rest of the enclosure to move considerably sometimes.
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Will do when I get in.

May I ask what sections you'd like? As I have one of the enclosure from a distance when it was first done...
Hey guys, sorry for the delay

Here's some images of the enclosure

Image #1 is of the enclosure itself, the circled areas are the sections from where the enclosure leaks

Image #2 is the trim I've been referring to & what the door seal catches on

Image #3 is where the door starts catching on the trim

Image #4 is a close up of the damaged door seal

Image #5 is a close up of the door seal & the damage caused by the constant catching on the trim

Image #6 shows where the drops of what have leaked from under the trim despite the door being closed

Hope this helps, look forward to any help / advice you have
Hi everyone

I thought I would resurrect this post as after posting I thought I would re-silicone the enclosure for a temp repair whilst I worked something / received a response, and it has lasted quite well until last night when the leaks started again - Lasted longer than I thought but the issues have come roaring back

I would really appreciate any help or suggestions anyone may have

Thank you
Needs new seals all round and door leveling if it's catching, have similar bar on floor but it's siliconed only no screws are used as these would foul the seal.
I agree a new seal on the door is needed, but the other issue is is that it keeps catching on that silver trim, also the enclosure moves too much, would it be that I have to take the whole thing apart & use no nails or something?

I'm just extremly confused as to how I can correct this issue, apart from the silicone both on the outside & inside edges, there's nothing else keeping the enclosure there and there aren't any other seals in or around the enclosure apart from under the door

Is there anything else that can be done ?
Have a frame less shower cubicle but has a bar above head height bolted to wall and frame keeping it all steady.
Just helped the father in-law install one that looks almost identical to this albeit a little smaller.

As above, on his there is a chrome bar at the top that has an adjustable grub screw to square is all up and hold it in place. Can't tell from the pictures of yours has one or not, I'm assuming not and this is probably why it has so much movement.

As a bodge you could trim the seal so it doesn't catch, it doesn't need to be lower than the fixed part on the tray to stop the water due to the taper.
Is there anything else that can be done ?
Replace the cubicle, if you can find one that matches the tray. That's probably the only thing that will work long term and as mentioned one with a header frame will help. Your adding new silicone solution will not replace the silicone between the tray and frame.

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