Weak flow from electric shower,

That is a pump. The pump is inside the white box.

It will pump a maximum of 14 litres per minute from your stored hot and cold stored water supplies. If that's enough for you then it's OK
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Hi I don't know if this helps in anyway in connection to my previous questions on how to get a more powerful output from my shower but I have just done a small test ...I turned the shower on and let it run for a minute then held a jug underneath ( with ltr etc guides on) right underneath the shower head and it took 30secs to fill the jug to 1600ml which to me equates to 3.2lts per min....so not knowing anymore about it would the last link about the power shower( possible purchase) I posted improve my situation? ...apologies for being a bit of a nuisance.
I was going to suggest a test along the lines of what you have just done. For fair comparison, I take it the "3.2lts per min" was at the temperature that you would usually use the shower at. In which case @terryplumb is correct. (y)
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Back again...I have previously measured output from shower head at what it would be used at and got 3.2lts per minute..I have now tested cold water tap in the bath and get 12lts per minute...the cold water tank in the loft is approx sited 8/9 ft away with the 15mm pipework going to the shower being approx 11/12 ft in length ( connections in pic..yellow arrows highlight shower pipework)..does this give any more info as to my problem ?...also should the water in the loft tank be measured from the level of water at top of tank or the actual bottom of the tank to work out the gravity pressure....hope I've explained things...finally could my problem be with the shower itself ie faulty...May thanks in advance.


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Your 10.5 KW shower should be fed with mains cold water only.
If you turn it to fully cold ,how many litres per minute do you get from shower ?
I can't tell from your pics ,they are not clear enough .
Ok ,you need to establish if it's connected to mains cold water or tank fed.
The mains feed is the one attached to the ballcock in the tank I believe...if that is so then it is connected to that pipe BUT there are other pipes connected to it also ....ie the shower pipe is not the first in line so to speak
The pipe arrowed ,appears to go into the top of the cold water tank , which is indeed the mains cold , doesn't matter if other branches supply other taps / outlets.
You should get a lot more LTRs / min when the shower is on coldest setting.
So there may be an isolation valve on the branch to the shower that is not fully open ,or the filter in the shower is severely blocked ,or the shower internally has a restriction within it ,or you have not got the shower on its fully cold setting.
Hi again....there was an isolation valve on the pipe in the loft that is fully open....can you tell me if where I have the arrow on the pic is the filter fitting....also before I check it (electric to shower will be off) BUT do i need to turn off water into shower also before removing and checking filter ( maybe it's a stupid question bit I had to ask ....
You need to isolate the water supply and the electrics. The filter is within the part arrowed. The white nut at the base will allow draining of the remaining water retained within the shower after isolating water supply. Not sure what Triton model you have ,but some have a filter which is immediately after the brass nut on the water inlet.
When you are ready to put water supply back on you must follow the commissioning procedure in the shower manual ,to prevent activation of the pressure relief valve.

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