What size Timberlok screws for 120mm deep sleepers please?

16 May 2008
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United Kingdom
Dear All

Great site!

Can anybody kindly recommend what size screw Timberlok/Timberfix screws for 120mm deep tanalised sleepers? I have read somewhere that the screw should go into the next sleeper by at least 50mm but the only size screws I can find that would do are the 150mm (too short?) or the 200mm (too long?) screws.

Does anyone recommend Timberlok or Timberfix?

Any help and advice will be greatly appreciated by this newbie and his ever demanding wife who has now taken on the job of site manager as the job has come to a standstill...blah blah blah.

Thanks in advance.

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The 200mm will be ok.

Might be a pig to screw in, once you're into the second sleeper, withdraw and then go again.

Got an impact driver?
Thanks Deluks.

No, I haven't got an impact driver. I'm going to ask around to see if anyone I know has got one, otherwise it'll be the hire shop. Forgive my ignorance but would a good cordless screwdriver or drill not do the job?

The sleepers are pine and I was told that they should not be too difficult to cut/screw into.
cordless screwdriver wont do, and ive burnt out an impact driver with them before. We use a corded sds drill to put them in, and it usually works better without the hammer action. They dont always go the whole way in, if that happens we normally cut the tops off with bolt croppers and hammer in the last little bit.
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Might get away with a cordless if you predrill the first sleeper with a larger than normal pilot hole, so that there is little resistance til you hit the second one. Also coat the screw with beeswax (or soap!)

For an impact, you be able to get a naked (no batteries) version, which takes the same batts as whatever cordless drill you have.
Sorry for not getting back sooner been out of action on the PC.

Thanks very much for all the advice.

Are Timberlok the standard for screwing sleepers together? Could I not use some heavy duty angle brackets (for the return) with a couple of timber posts concreted in and screwed to the sleepers using dachrotised screws?

The sleepers are only going to be stacked 4 high (480mm).

Again, any advice greatly appreciated.
Are they going to be holding back lots of earth? If you can't see the backs then just use a few joist restraint straps screwed into the back of them all. Right angle brackets would also do it as you mention.

Another idea would be to drill out and fix lengths of studding (threaded bar) into the holes with resin.
They won't be holding back a lot of earth so I think I'll give the dach screws, angle brackets and straps a go.

Thanks Deluks. Thanks Thermo.

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