What Tools/Machinery Needed To Deal With This?

Last time I pruned a pycracantha it looked like it was me who'd been through the shredder.
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Last time I pruned a pycracantha it looked like it was me who'd been through the shredder.
I have three growing up the rear fence, (they're off cuttings from the one in the photo earlier in this thread) They make a wonderful habitat for small birds, how they don't impale themselves is a bit of a mystery, but I guess all those spikes stops bigger predictors preying on them

Anyway, this thread reminded me to tidy up the ones growing, and yes one of them managed to draw blood - they really are viscous plants - would make a wonderful boundary hedge if you lived in an unsociable area.

I don't know if you can still get them but years ago I saw a pair of hedgelaying gauntlets. THICK leather with metal staples?
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It's Bramble. Loppers will make mincemeat out of that in ten minutes. The biggest problem will be the barbs.
Update ;)

So i gave it a go as suggested with the loppers and it was hardwork..

Soaked in sweat, I tapped out after 25 mins :D

Guys apologies for being a wuss but i will be investing in a brush cutter

Now something like this should really make mincemeat of those brambles
For sure - its a wet sump machine but they don't burn oil....even after a winter lay up, 3 pulls and it's away. No juggling with choke and throttle or whatever.
John :)
Looks like the Honda comes highly recommended

However it costs an eye-watering £320

Is it worth every penny or can i get an equivalent / similar spec brush cutter in the £150-£250 range?
I’ll confess....I’m great at spending other peoples money (y)
However.....the Honda comes complete with strimmer / brushcutter heads, a harness that is comfortable and works. The strimmer is quick to reline (2.4mm line) and swapping the head for the blade is quick and easy.
Being a four stroke engine, it minimises pollution but more importantly it starts really well - you just can’t go wrong with that! Oriental two strokes, please note.
The machine has a very small quantity of oil, that needs changing every year and the oil level must be maintained.....its the same engine as the Belle mixer and they don’t burn oil. The air filter is foam and doesn’t need replacing - just the occasional clean.
The bevel gear drive at the end of the drive shaft is tough and easy to grease.....which is essential as they do run hot - as does every machine.
I have 3 of these machines and two are on permanent hire to allotments. I see them once a year and although they look like hell they are still going strong. The oldest is 10! Some clot ran over the handlebars with his car :eek: and the spare was £40 but at least they were available.
The choice is yours :)
John :)

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