Where to get Windows 7 Disks?

19 Jul 2004
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United Kingdom
I'm getting a desktop PC off eBay, it's got Windows 7 Pro installed and has a COA sticker on the side but doesn't come with the installation disks. If I need to rebuild the PC can I get a free re-installation/recovery disk or download from Microsoft because its got an original COA sticker? Or will I have to buy a new copy of Windows 7 as I don't have the disks.
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Digital River have the iso files.
The trick is finding the right one for your key
This will give you a heads up.

You will need to scroll way down the page for the 'English' version links.
Wiv a bit of nouse you'll have a legit iso file without any extra unwanted stuff.

Please note :-
"...Since this is an official download channel, you can be sure to receive setup files that are virus-free, secure, legitimate and untouched. Downloading the files from Digital River is absolutely legal and completely free of charge. Without a legally obtained product key however, any Windows 7 installation will only run for 30 days. Afterwards, it needs to be activated, or the evaluation timer be reset..."

Have fun :(
you should be able to create a copy of the disks using an option in windows itself. Some versions only let you make 1 copy but I think you can reset that with a registry setting.
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If you go to Control Panel > Backup and Restore, there are options there to both create a system image and create a system repair disc.
I would recommend that you do both, once you are in receipt of the PC.
How does that work?

I got the bit about backing up your files but not too sure how it creates the Windows 7 installation disk. I had a look at the Backup and Restore wizard and there are a number of options - system image, system repair disc, etc. Which one, and how, would you re-install Windows 7 if the HDD failed or had to be replaced.
As you have a legitimate licence key and Certificate of Authenticity, then the best idea is to find someone to copy their Windows 7 disk for you.

It does need to be the same version as your installation (Starter, Home, Professional etc) or have the file EI.CFG on the CD deleted, so the installation can be user-selected.

If you have more than 3GB RAM, a 64-bit version of Windows is the preferred option, less, a 32-bit version.
PC's with a COA sticker usually have OEM versions of Windows 7. The downloads from Digital River work fine with retail versions of Windows 7 and I have used them myself because my retail win7 DVD's don't have SP1 included. The DVD's I burn from Digital River have SP1 included and activate as normal

The potential problem with an OEM key is that the installation will not be exactly the same as the original OEM disc and certain OEM information may not be there. I am no PC expert but just think you may need to do a little more work to get it activated again. - Obviously the OEM key is only for the PC it was originally installed on.

I get my images via the web site below - English versions are at the top of the list.
Make sure you get the right Home/professional/Ultimate version 32 or 64 bit. There is no Starter version as it was never released on Retail license

Or Download links to Digital River direct

Home Premium 32 bit
Home Premium 64 bit

Professional 32 Bit
Professional 64 Bit
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