Which wireless home alarm?

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.......and this is my doorbell, it's the older single camera version...


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It's conceivable that a meteor might fall on my head.
if you were sleeping and didn't have time to react maybe but more likely to be struck by lightening.

Even being struck by lightening which is relatively random, not all breakins are random and even some of the basic break ins have had several reckies and hence why you should keep track of unknows visting the area especially your one home boundaries..

so recently i am aware of such reckies being carried out and suspect doing the reckie visited a house several different times testing the response each time and not only did the reckie take place at one house but at multipul houses in an area.

Now the reckie was interrupted each time via an eufy camera asking them to go away, but they were wearing gloves and viewing through windows. the police did nothing upon the first report but acted upon the second report but then again at that time it was too late for some.
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would anyone recommend the Texecom KIT-1005 Ricochet Kit alarm system or is there an alternative hybrid system that you would recommend?

I do not need door/window contact sensors as I think the motion detectors are adequate. I do want the ability to add additional motion sensors wirelessly as well as cameras in the future. Having key fobs will be good as well as having the ability to receive notifications on the phone for any movement detected
Texecom or Pyronix have hybrid control panels.My preference would be Pyronix,Texecom software can have issues and they can take quite a while to resolve them.
What do you want the system to do then one might be better than the other.
Wireless devices,remote control via apps etc.
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thanks @Handymanjo. What I am ideally looking for is:
  1. replace my existing alarm system that is 20+ years old with a modern, reliable system
  2. retain the internal hard wires as these should still be in good condition
  3. be able to expand the number of motion detectors (1-2) wirelessly. I currently have 4 detectors that are hard-wired
  4. the alarm wire running from the main control unit (located in the garage) to the external siren box is in really poor condition. This is the only hard-wire that will need to be replaced
  5. be able to arm/disarm the alarm through the use of small key fobs, as well as through pressing a pin number on the new keypad
  6. have the ability to receive any notifications on my phone when anything has been detected, as well as to be able to remotely access to alarm system to arm/disarm
  7. have the ability to add camera(s) in the future
  8. have a video door bell (e.g. similar to the one from Ring) plus 2 door chimes within the house.
I hope this provides sufficient info but happy to provide more
1-7 on most alarms , keep video door bell separate
I would go for the pyronix euro46 with wireless expander ( bell could be wireless but I allways fit a psu to run the bell in the loft 12dc ) plus either lan card or Wi-Fi card
thanks @sparkymarka. For the doorbell, I think I will go for the Ring Video Doorbell Pro 2 with plug-in adapter.

How does the wireless expander work? Does this need to be connected to my router (which is not a problem) ? For the siren bell, does there need to be a wire connecting the bell to the main alarm unit or can this be wireless but just powering the alarm (to avoid it being a battery powered bell) via a psu 12dc ?

Stupid question but what is the purpose of the LAN card or wi-fi card?

To install the pyronix euro46 system, will this require a professional installer of alarms?
Wireless expander talks to wireless devices at 868mhz
WiFi or lan card connects to your router for notifications and access via a smart device …
That’s correct on the bell but you will need the wireless expander to do this ….
Sorry @sparkymarka, I’m still not totally clear .
What does the wireless expander connect to and plugged into?
What does this Wi-Fi card or Lan card look like which connects to the router? Would you be able to send a photo/link on what this would look like?
These devices are connected to security alarm control panel via hardwired connections or wirelessly. They are not plug and play devices that connect to routers.
The diy systems like ring and yale are designed for ease of use,but 18 months down the line you will putting them in the bin when devices start to fail or cases break when constantly changing batteries.
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I know the Pros won't agree but I have a Eufy system and I have 2 door sensors, 5 cameras (including one that is mains powered and one is the doorbell) and an entry keypad. I find it excellent to be honest. It is not recording 24/7 but I can adjust what the camera reacts to so I can pick "Human" and it will not record cats going in and out. It will recognize a human and take a screenshot of their face and I am notified immediately if anything is picked up. I can then view the clip or simply watch in real time and I can speak out of any camera or doorbell by hitting the "Mic" symbol on the camera screen.
There are others such as Arlo or Simplysafe which do a similar system but I can't fault Eufy. For high traffic areas such as my front camera I get about 4 months on one charge if set to sensitive (it picks up people out on the street, 50 feet away). I get about 7-10 months for the other cameras.
This system does not use PIR detection, it uses the camera intelligently so you can even draw an outline on the screen of which area you want "detected".
I'd certainly punch the names into Youtube and check the reviews

We have Arlo's and they are excellent too.

As far as low battery goes it informs you in the app and also emails you.

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