WiFi Router problem

8 Feb 2015
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United Kingdom
My friend's home WiFi works fine with her smartphone and her Smart TV. However, her tablet won't connect to it and her Desktop PC won't connect to it either.
We have tried the tablet and the Desktop on the neighbours WiFi and they connect fine to the neighbours WiFi.
When I try to connect with the Desktop to her own WiFi it says cannot connect to this network.
As I say, it connects to the neighbours WiFi with no problems so this issue has to be related to the router or service provider.
Has anyone experienced this before and have you got any suggestions.
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Just to clarify, we have tried turning the router off and unplugging it for 15 minutes and then restarting it. That didn't fix the problem. I am aware the a hard reset may be required, but will I be able to find the Network after a hard reset and will the password work?
What sort of tablet is it, or how old is it? If the router is modern, perhaps it's only accepting modern wifi standards?
Both the computer and the tablet are old enough, particularly the computer. If I can access the router via could I change the channel etc? Would that work then?
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Possibly, it may be a neighbours wifi causing you an issue.

Also it's usually to access the router.
Your neighbours may be blasting the signal so strongly that stuff further away is having problems.
Although channel changing should be automatic, setting it maually to the least used channel may sort it out - it may not (it did for me).

There is an android app called "wifi analyzer" that will show you the channel usage and signal strengths at the machines that cannot access it.
Very Interesting. Will a signal reducing amplifier help? I currently use one to allow some TV channels to remain tuned in. Before the amp those channels were scrambled and it was my WiFi router that caused it.
It’s probably the security on the router, login turn it off completely and I am sure it will connect. Then play with the type of security until it works.
I'd ask the neighbours to switch their WiFi for 15 minutes; during that time then see if the desktop and tablet connects. Will the 2 devices that do not connect work on the 5Gh band? Try switching the 24Gh band off in the router

Really for a computer in a fixed position I'd strongly recommend cabling the Computer to the router - better performance, improved security and none of these hassles with WiFi.
Turns out moving the desktop beside the router and it did connect. So if she wants to keep it wireless, she will either move the router into her office or buy a longer distance adapter. The Tablet not connecting turned out to be just a broken adapter. That was the thing that had me believing it was a router issue. At least it is solved now. Thanks everyone.
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