Wireless connection stuck on "acquiring network address

Stop messing around.

Reset the router to factory defaults, keep all security and MAC filtering switched off, then get the bleeding thing working, then, and only then, start using security features (one at a time) until you hit the one that makes it go wrong.
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Yep, I agree. The laptop works with your work router, so there is nothing to suggest a driver issue.
So, to summarise: you can't connect to the router wirelessly, regardless of security settings?
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Softus said:
So, to summarise: you can't connect to the router wirelessly, regardless of security settings?

Yes, but he has another wireless laptop that works ok with the router.

The laptop works wirelessly when at work.

I think you said that you use a USB adaptor with your other laptop. Have you tried connecting with this on the problem laptop?

If it works, then you have identified some kind of incompatibility. If not, I would still suggest that some kind of security policy has been applied.
Thank you all for all the suggestions and help! Problem solved. :p
Last night, I finally got connection.

I went back to basic following your advice Softus! I somehow got connected to an unprotected network in the area, then managed to connect to my own router after disabling my router's WPA key - which was a first as I have tried this strategy in the past (The MAC filtering was not the problem).
I finally figured out the WPA keys on router / laptop were not identical - :idea: - Router's one was supposed to be a 63 character computer generated key which I used to set up the latop, but it only had 60 characters (the first 60 of the 63). The weird thing is that I changed the password on both router / laptop once before and still had the "acquiring network address" problem - but may be I did not use the right number of characters??. This time, using identical network keys - minimum 8 characters - I got connection. The other weird thing is that when I got the 60 characters into the laptop wireless set up, I still had the problem :?: .

Anyhow, I have also learnt other interesting things which I'd like to share:
1. Problem solved, but when I checked ipconfig/all on the work laptop, the Autoconfiguration still says "disabled" as before despite wireless connection! This is unlike the other home laptop which has this heading as "enabled" when connected.
2. After experimenting with the WPA key set-up, I have concluded that when the keys router / laptop are identical EXCEPT for at least one character in capital, the connection happens but wireless does not work with status stuck on acquiring network address ie the problem I had. And as you would expect when the keys are different (cf case sensitivity), there is no connection - interesting indeed :!: :!:

Hope my query has been an interesting journey for you guys... :eek:
Thanks for all the help once again!! :D
Well done for persevering - striking a blow for the systematic approach! :D
my laptop does this too. Usually if i force it to disconnect then connect again it is ok. Or a router reboot. Sometimes i suspect it's a problem with my ISP though.
Why are you posting entries on topics that are (a) resolved and (b) old and stale? :confused:
I have had the same problem, it worked for about 2 months then the network status started saying ' aquiring Network address ' I would suggest uninstalling the network adapter, then Installing it again and try seeing if that works. :eek:
I have WPA.

The password key is correct as there is connection, but somehow the router is not assigning an IP address to the laptop...
The DHCP is enabled mind you, so cannot figure out why it is stuck on status "acquiring network address"
Apparently, this is a common problem people face sometimes...
MAC address of laptop has been assigned to router's configuration for wireless link-up.
Firewall is off on laptop.

i've tried to disable security to see if there is connection but still same problem...
I have one last trick up my sleeves ie to reset the router from the beginning and start all over. We'll see...
Not so, a connection does not mean you have correct key, my laptop will connect to wireless network but sticks on aquiring net address if wrong case is selected when entering key.
I want to install a wireless connection to my other computer running XP. What adapter do I need and are they easy to install?
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