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14 Apr 2007
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United Kingdom
My house is alarmed with a standard accenta 6 zone panel and mainly medusa PIR's, but I would like to connect the outside shed to the system which is some distance away from the house, I have read about wireless expanders on this forum, but dont understand what they can be used for, are they used to connect a remote passive/contact to a hard wired system wirelessley and if so what do they consist of ?
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1, Power Supply.
2, A detector.
3, Expander and Transmitter ( Depending on which you use and the distances).
4, A spare zone in the existing.

What is the distance? Any obstructions. What is your internal and or external walls coated or lined with?
Modern building regs with insulation and foil backed plasterboard make wireless a good game sometimes.

You could go Texecom Ricochet utilizing their Mesh systems that gives good coverage but will cost a bit.
The alarm panel is in the garage and the shed is around 10 metres away through a double skin brick wall.....I would incorparate it with an existing zone or re-configure the panel to create a separate zone...Thanks for the advice, would you have a link to one?
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Downside to the Texecom stuff is you need to buy either a Texecom premier Keypad, or the Ricochet software and Pc-com in order to add the wireless devices onto the wireless receiver, on the plus side it's quality stuff and if the signal doesn't reach as far as your garage you could add another device inbetween solely as a 'hop' or booster for the gagare sensor.

Clearly we dunno the layout of your house but you could try the kit from Visonic that has a good range and can be simply programmed without any extras.

Visonic receiver, single channel - http://www.cctvcentral.co.uk/visonic-receiver-mcr-304-0-3174-b-868mhz-561-p.asp

Visonic wireless quad pir - http://www.cctvcentral.co.uk/visonic-motion-detector-discovery-quad-mcw-0-3633-a-868mhz-537-p.asp

When you say shed, just what construction do you mean? Normals wooden sheds dont tend to be too airtight and get like greenhouses in summer, not a great environment for any pir really.
Texecom do a add on that works with ANY panel.

Its called a 8XP-W expander.

And he could use a DT or an external type detector in the shed................
Texecom do a add on that works with ANY panel.

Its called a 8XP-W expander.

And he could use a DT or an external type detector in the shed................

Im aware of the 8-xp, as I have used them, thats how I know you need either the Premier keypad or PC-com to learn sensor onto it. Does anyone else make a Wireless Dualtec apart from Honeywell? Their DT8M's and such only goto Domonial, G2 and Dimension panels.
You can do it by hand.
I was there with them watching head of tech do it.
Might be 2 versions out there then, never had any expanders with the Learn switch or LED's actually in place. Almost certain of it.
We have just launched an interface module to allow Ricochet to be added to ANY panel, not just ours, the only limitation is it does not support the Smartkey, it supports 8 devices, and has global tamper, global low battery and global poll failure. Comes as a kit with the interface and an 8XP-W expander.

That was dated last year.
The interface is called the IXP-w we sell as a kit with an 8-XP expander, and yes you can learn devices using the onboard LED's, or you can hook it up to a PC, download Ricochet Monitor software, and learn from there. The other alternative is using an engineers keypad, but if you don't fit a lot of texecom kit not really an option.

Hope this helps.
WOW, cant believe how the Alarm technology has moved on so much from the basic Key op panels and optima XM4 panels. Once again chaps thanks for the advice, but the above extenders all seem to be way above my knowledge. I was looking for something a little more simple to understand :oops:

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