Wiring a Decorative ceiling rose

P.s if our bedroom caught fire, I think the wooden furniture, the cotton bed clothes and woolen carpet would be more of a concern than a 40cm PU ceiling rose dripping on us should we happen to stand directly underneath it. Thanks though
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As to whether to cut a hole in the decorative rose, that was the entire point of my post, to ask advice because I wasn’t sure what to do. Gone full circle I think

I fully accept that I may be dense, but why can't you do what most people do and screw the plastic rose to the surface (the visible side) of the PU rose. That is what most people do. They drill a hole through the PU rose wide enough for the cables to pass through, and then reconnect them in the plastic rose.

In cases where the new light fitting doesn't use a plastic rose, they use connector blocks/WAGOs etc to connect the wires up and push them into the hole in the decorative rose.

Is your concern based on aesthetics (ie you don't want to see a plastic rose) or a worry that you won't we able to wire up the rose correctly afterwards?
Guessing I need to cut a bigger hole and fit it over the plastic screw on section
I would disconnect the wiring altogether, then thread the cables through the decorative rose, then, once the decorative rose is fixed in place, refit the electrical rose.
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I typcially put the electric ceiling rose ontop of the decorative ceiling rose.
(ie Ceiling, decorative ceiling rose, electric ceiling rose)
Long screws from electric ceiling rose, through the decorative ceiling rose into the ceiling.

I do not counter sink the electric ceiling rose into the decorative ceiling rose
That makes a few of us saying that.

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