Wondering why today’s storm is nameless

29 Jan 2008
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United Kingdom
Seem the criteria for naming storms comes from the impact they can cause.

Today’s storm has been pretty bad (at least here in liverpool), and seems combined with high tides has caused flooding around the country…but yet the storm remains nameless.

BTW I think the idea of naming storms is pointless
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Kathleen. Still ongoing apparently.

I thought yesterdays weather was the edges of storm Kathleen, although it was blustery in D.shire, it was nowhere near as bad across the Irish Sea. I like the idea of storms having a name. Maybe you'll have your own storm one day.
the storm with no name

dunno....there was a horse with no name
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Seem the criteria for naming storms comes from the impact they can cause.
That's exactly it. When they first tried naming them they found they were taken far more seriously than unnamed storms.

But to keep that relevant it has to be reserved for really big ones. If you start naming everything that causes a flood it'll lose all benefit. Did the storm even get an orange warning or was it just Yellow?
Is this still Kathleen seems a while ago that one?

That’s my point, if this is not Kathleen, it’s causing more damage than other named storms.
I remember something in my house insurance about a storm having to be named before they will pay out any damage.
Many insurance policies will state that winds must be x mph (usually 50-60mph) before you can claim for storm damage (lost roof tiles, etc). Not heard of any that specifically required storms to be named but there's always new policies/products on the market...
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