Pride in your city

empip said:
The 'drive for ages' bit gets worse as the kids grow up ... permanent taxi service..
This is what stopped us moving to a rural area last year. We live in a small town where the kids can walk most places or get a bus to the city. My mate who lives 15 miles away drives 60 miles a week as a kids taxi service as there are no buses.
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I live in Oxford but not in the centre, in fact, there are very few people living in the centre. Few people but thousands of students. Students that have no interest in Oxford other than boasting how they were 'at Oxford' and how much chaos they can cause whilst expecting others to clear up after them.

The city and county councils are about as useful as an ashtray on a motorbike and as productive as a sloth - during those rare occasions when they withdraw their heads from the backsides of their Svengalis - the overlords at the unversity.

Oxford city (for city read university acquiring land and property for its student accommodation) is expanding and engulfing local communities, soon it will just be a huge campus where Tarquin and Sebastian can extol their friends with rivetting tales of how it took five years to fail their degrees, after all, 'What to do with one's hands during Irish dancing' is an exhausting subject.
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Does the fact that I wrestle a cow make any difference?
securespark said:
Does the fact that I wrestle a cow make any difference?

Ok, ok, back to graft please .... Staff these days .. ;) :D :D :D
Yeah, sorry, Pip......TMI....

Although I didn't tell you what my forfeit is if the cow wins...... :LOL:
Unless you have lost some weight she has as much chance of winning a bout as I have of becoming Prince of Wales !!

:D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :p

TMI ??????????????

I bookmarked this for you !!

Too Much Information
Three Mile Island
TRMM Microwave Imager
Transactions on Medical Imaging
Total Market Index (Dow Jones STOXX)
Top Mount Intercooler
Too Much Internet
Texas Materials Institute
Tauber Manufacturing Institute (University of Michigan Business School & College of Engineering)
Tele Media International
Trans-Mars Injection The choccy bar !! :LOL:
Trainable Mentally Impaired
Texas Military Institute
Tennessee Military Institute
Thai Medical Informatics Society
Technical Manual Index
Tan-O-on Marketing, Inc.
Top Management Issue
Tenant Move In (Pentagon Renovation Project)
Tenant Move In
Traffic Management Systems Interface CSCI
Technical Military Instruction
TELUS Mobility Incorporated (western Canada phone service)
Technology Maturation Initiative
Training Management Institute
Technovative Marketing Inc.
Tympanic Membranes Intact (medical)
Tri-Methyl Indium
3/4 mile walk to 1/2 hourly bus stop .. Helps keep 'em fit and teaches them to think time and distance ...
Hardest job on earth -- kids ! But what else is there?
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