LIVERPOOL Capital of Culture ...



My wife an I visited there today , with her mate Jane an hubby Marty ....we got there by train in all it cost us £40 not bad ... ;)

after traipsing around with the 2 ladies for 2 hours in like every shop ,some times twice , martin said lets go an have a bevvy , (after drinking pop for 1 hr I went on the stella ,oh dear lol)
we got chatting with loads of locals an had a great afternoon listening to old seadogs near the old Docks about times they had had on the ocean wave ,wonderful friendly smashing guys an gals even though we are both Mancs , lol

some fantastic old "spit an sawdust" pubs still there ..

we met up with girls in O'neills at 12 an had some scran(like a hotpot dish !) as the "mickey mousers " call it lol

they then had a few wines an then went off shopping again , Marty an I trekked over to Albert Dock ,
its UTTER Cr+p there ....!!!...BUT Beautiful old dock buildings the stone work outstanding like lots of pool buildings !!
as the place was deserted an soooooooo COLD/BITTER !

but you can imagine as we said today how it must of been years ago ...

when a still working dock ....the cargo ships were coming an long before the slave ships ,
very erirre (sp?) ,

of course the over-rated-beatles-shabang-roadshow centre was there blaring out .... mediocre pop !! :(
btw most scousers who I talked to today , said "yeah laa they were ok , "
on me saying "I couldnt stand them!!!" ( marty predicted a riot !,an was eyeing the door for an exit ..)

but many agreed an everyone was "sick of the coachfuls of Jap/chink /yank tourists flooding the pool in summer months ,ONLY AT THe Beatles roadshow centre , an they NEVER played a proper gig there but had promo stills done at old club at the Albert Dock .. "
turning the screw/baiting a bit more I said...
" if they didnt come you scousers would be up in arms wailing ...LOL..LOL"
a big NO was the answer ....
I THEN got a history lesson by a few old Capt pugwash guys on how the Pool has evovled over the centuries an some pop group isnt all they want as their ONLY Good thing ,
I never knew it was the pool dockers who refused the slaves into a major port that finally stopped the slave trade in UK the 1800s

but was told about soooo many fanous scousers .... in years gone by who were great seafarers an explorers

YES ... I really believe after my drink filled visit , its not a city of benefit grabbing scallies ,an only famous for the beatles an cilla black , its so much more ...
I was taken aback by the very chummy attitude warm Genuine friendliness, I found today on chatting /bonding with them scousers today , (if any scousers went to a few Manc town centre boozers an where having it large with them like me an bud today , there they wouldnt be SHOT ... :( well done Pool CHEERS :) )

at 5 we met up with the girls on Bold st an had a drink then down to the train station an 40mins on sprinter train home ..

brilliant day ...

we had been to Liverpool in the past at weekends an done the usual touristy visits, then back home , today I met the REAL Liverpool.....

(what struck me today was .. I went with my mate to take the pee a bit but I really found wonderful people )

an of course the wife hammered the credit card an had loads of shopping an wasnt upset I fell off the wagon .. as we were recalling stories on the train home as they snoozed ... cheeky pair ..

Next time you visit Liverpool avoid the tourist STINGS an visit the galleries an musems if going in a pubs not your thing , btw them scousers DONT BITE an are very friendly ..

just my thoughts ... post your own ... :)
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the first record I bought.

Life goes on day after day
Hearts torn in every way

So ferry 'cross the Mersey
'cause this land's the place I love
and here I'll stay

(Gerry Marsden)
Yep, scousers are very friendly, so friendly you better watch your car - it'll be up on bricks before you know it...

Seriously, I have never met an unfriendly one.

Liverpool was the cornerstone of the British Empire. And The Beatles weren't that great - they nicked loads of the old blues from the USA, simplified them, and never acknowledged where they came from.
what a NOB TW*T , notb665 .......some scouse say nasty ...WONDERFUL ..PLACE the noodles are from washed an /NEEded bACK FROM OUR SCOOL , AN THE NOODLLES LAD ,TOP, LAD...
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SORRY ! Misread youre earlier post through the bottom of a pint pot ... ;)
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