worcester oil combi 15/19

22 Jul 2009
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United Kingdom
I have a worcester heatslave 15/19 and the nameplate displays a 55usg 60'H nozzle. I purchased one from HRPC and when i went to fit it, the old one was 55usg 80'H. On looking in the service manual, there was no mention of the 55usg 60'H nozzle in the specifications section. If I go ahead and fit it, what are the requirements for the oil pressure etc? :rolleyes:
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basically youve bought a nozzle with the wrong spray angle,if it were gas would you put a different injector to what the MIs state,doubt it.take it youve got oil gauges to check the correct pressure, as they would be needed to set up with the nozzle,as well as checking combustion analysis.
Has your boiler got an Electro-Oil Inter B9B burner? ( The burner has an identification plate.)

If so then it needs the oil pressure to be set at 155psi, Flue gas temperature should be 225Deg C, CO2 10.5%, approximate air setting 8.75.
If so then it needs the oil pressure to be set at 155psi,

:confused: :confused:

Thats setting is for 35sec gas oil not the 25 kerosene

Mid range setting ( 19Kw) requiers 0.55 80 EH, 100psi %Co2 10.5
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It probably wouldn't matter if you fitted either nozzle, but the question is, why are you changing the nozzle? Do you think a change is as good as a rest? Changing things for no good reason is pointless, and may prove to be expensive. Do you have a way of setting the combustion air?
Sorry..typing error. I meant to put 115psi oil pressure. It looks like we have different year manuals gremlin.

( I have seen deviations in nozzle sizes / angles and so far out that it wasn't possibly someone trying to improve performance but just what they had on the van.)

If you don't have the combustion measuring gear, Huw, then you could be on a looser. (Was the boiler reasonably clean, not smoking and with undamaged baffles using the old nozzle? If so and you can't get hold of some combustion analysis kit, then you may be better off fitting like for like.)
Thankyou all for your help. I purchased the same as what was originally installed and set up the burner as required with my combustion analyser. All seems to be well with readings as shown in the manual. I was informed that the boiler had not been serviced for about 6 years!!! 1 Happy bunny. Thanks again. :D :D
another Gas Man playing with oil hey? You realy should get om an OFT101 Course for servicing and Commissioning Pressure Jet boilers ;)

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