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    Urgent: Gas Cooker Installation Question.

    Your lucky he came back, if I had been threatened by a customer because of a crap site like checkatrade I would have gone back disconnected the cooker and walked remember the client for checkatrade is the trader so if you left s bad report the trader can get it removed remember who pays the...
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    Inspection hatch for flue in void - building warranty issue?

    Please brie link regards flues in voids
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    7 year leak under bath!

    Charnwood fair point I never no who'd serious on here any more, Like Libby Lou Lou from a photo can tell its not leaking and says its fine to leave.
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    7 year leak under bath!

    Charnwood have you had a few drinks?? That isn't a trap that's just parts left over from a space saver sink waste kit the reason it sort of acts like a trap is that it goes up hill, answer is to cut it below the elbow and fit the white trap as pictured, op why get a few plumbers over to look at...
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    glow.worm 30cxi fault

    Plate to plate heatexchanger, Dhw heatexchager, secondary heatexchanger will fix that all one item just different ways of finding one on the net.
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    Bath repair kit

    Don't do it it will look awful, call bath doctor or similar to give you a free cost of repair.
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    Why is gas boiler installation so costly?

    No I'm not going to compare myself to a solicitor or anybody else I'm a gas fitter yep a sole only gas fitter, but when I fit something that is as important as a boiler that the genral public want to last for years with no faults you pay the cost or jog on. Basically clients are not my friends...
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    Theromstatic shower only turns on if using handset first

    Problem is that someone had fitted a modern fitting that prob has non return valves in it also so will need a higher min pressure to work,change the pump to a negative head all will be good again.
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    pump overrun - how important?!

    Yes it needs a over run, no its not to inconvenience you, and yes its to stop the hex getting stung at the end of each run so pulls the heat away. If its cycling then the bypass will help dut also make sure the system is clean, as blockages will make the boiler struggle.
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    Flueless gas fire making my wall go black!

    Apologies why didn't you just start a new thread; seems confusing starting it up after all that time, either way it will need a vent and a full test go to a real fire place shop and buy a decent fire not b and q, they will usually have a recommended fitter, and with flueless fires you need to...
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    Flueless gas fire making my wall go black!

    Look at the date 2008 think its fixed by now lads
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    biasi riva advance 110b.32s/c no hot water

    Wow you changed half the boiler when you say excited what do you mean? Does the boiler light then drop off over and over or does it do nothing? Have you checked the diverted valves motor pin comes up, have you tested the thermistors/Dhw sensor?
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    How many RGI's here Do their own electical Work.

    Really are you mentally stable dear chap I said hello then get shot down. Oh I forgot you are a sparky you try your hardest to have no friends your kind of the traffic warden of the trade world. Think you need to get a grip with all this to be honest not jumping on anybody's side but makes you...