1. C

    Is this brown stuff on the pipes asbestos?

    Hi! Is this asbestos or some type of felt?
  2. O

    Can anyone help identify this material? Asbestos? something else?

    Can anyone help identify this boarding? it was screwed onto some boxing, which was attached to the ceiling which had pipes and electrical cables in there to feed around the corridor. majority of the boxing looked like mdf, and other wood type things. This was different. It does glissen if the...
  3. T

    Is this soffit asbestos?

    Need to know whether it‘s in poor enough condition to be replaced or can be left alone. None of the images of AIB soffit online look like this one so I’m struggling to tell. Any help is great thanks!
  4. harry_01

    What type of textured ceiling is this?

    Hi, i am unsure what type of ceiling this is. This is in the UK.
  5. D

    Any chance this is Asbestos?

    Hi all, Hope you are doing well, got some areas in the house and could do with a well trained eye for advice please. Put a foot on the attic a while back and wondering if this could be AIB or similar? Also some Artex type from around 1990? Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated! Thanks :)
  6. B

    Vermiculite in the loft.

    Appreciate this has been discuss before, but looking to see if there is any updated advice. I bought a 1970’s built 3 bed. Before moving in we had some skimming done and I went to install some LV down lights. When I went in to the loft, under the fibreglass there was Vermiculite. I know...
  7. L

    Polystyrene wall

    Hi all we have this wall in our house which seems to be covered in a polystyrene foam. Any idea why it would have been added? Seems to have been picked apart for some time and seems very easy to remove, but no signs of damp so wonder why it would have been added?! Insulation or to cover...
  8. S

    Lath and plaster - asbestos?

    Hi all, Recently purchased a mid terrace that was built pre 1900. The master bedroom and 2nd bedroom wall is lath and plaster as is the hall separating the 2nd bedroom from the hallway. I've recently pulled the wallpaper off the hallway and it seems to of pulled broken plaster off. Just...
  9. M

    Do Storage Heaters contain asbestos?

    I dismantled 3 old storage heats a few years back, but I’m now concerned (if a little late) they may have contained asbestos? The where originally installed in the 1980’s
  10. B

    Does this contain asbestos

    Hi I have already taken this apart but now having second thoughts, only picture I have unfortunately. Does anyone know if this storage heater contains asbestos insulation? Thank you in advance for your help
  11. Moonhead

    Asbestos risk in loft

    I'm on the war path with the big A in our house at the moment, trying to find as many ACM's as possible and decide whether we need them removing. The previous owners have had the loft boarded, underlayed and carpeted about 12 months before we moved in - delightful, but I'm ripping off the...
  12. L

    Confirmed artificial slate contains white asbestos. Is 4.6k reasonable?

    Just moved into the victorian terrace house. I have done an asbestos survey and confirmed the artificial slate on the victorian terrace. The firm that did the survey also provided a quotation for the removal and disposal. It is estimated the area of the roof is around 50-60m2 It is £4,650...
  13. Moonhead

    Broken Asbestos Vinyl Tiles

    Hi all We're planning on pulling up the living room carpet in our old house (late 1800s). I've pulled the corner up by the hearth to see what was beneath and there's some charming blue 50/60s vinyl tiles. They're pretty bashed about and I pulled the corner up from the other side of the room...
  14. Moonhead

    Plasterboard, AIB or something else?

    In our early 1900s terrace, the ceiling has come away from the joists (changes in temperature have caused the nails to work loose). I had a board up in the bedroom to see the extent of the damage and to be honest, I'm not completely sure what I'm looking at. I'm slightly worried that this board...
  15. K

    Woodchip or Artex

    I understand Artex may contain asbestos so keen to get views on whether this appears to be woodchip or artex - low ceiling area. Thanks
  16. stratford_noob

    Unknowingly removed probably asbestos tiles

    So, I've taken out click vinyl flooring that I wanted to replace in my house (from 70s) had bought some time ago. Was just a hall, and because it is part of an extension, most was rough concrete underneath, but also with small bit (roughly 90x180cm) had odd black tiles, that were sometimes...
  17. R

    Help! Possible asbestos in old wallpaper?

    Ive just started stripping old anaglypta type wallpaper from my bathroom and underneath the anaglypta is what looks like bits of white fluffy cotton wool. I don’t know what it could be and i’m worried sick that it could be asbestos. Is this a possibility?
  18. T

    Potential Asbestos?

    Recently purchased a house built in 1960. I’ve got new boiler going in tomorrow so I was removing the boxing in around old boiler and came across what I believe to be old pipe insulation. I picked up and bagged it. But broke it in half so it would fit. After doing so I realised it could...
  19. B

    Asbestos in fireplace?

    Hi can anyone tell me if there is likely to be asbestos anywhere around this fireplace and which parts it could be in? The surround is not originally black it was painted this colour. The house is old but I’m not sure how old (somewhere over 100 years I think)
  20. Fishwalker

    What to do with our lath landing ceiling as having trouble hiring a tradesperson to fix up a new one

    Hi. So some of you may have seen my other posts on our hallway rennovation of our 1920s semi. Well it's been back to brick and laths for a couple of months now and we are not getting anywhere! I had to let our agreed builder go, before he put it back together, as I learnt that it had lime...