1. Michaela97

    Asbestos? Dupre vermiculite limited Hertford

    Hi, curious to know if anyone had experience with Dupre Vermiculite limited micafil insulation in the 1980/90s. Noticed a few bag of the stuff in my loft and got it tested to make sure it wasn’t contaminated. Though noticed the standard uk testing isn’t the best. Apparently the company was...
  2. Michaela97

    Asbestos? Dupre Vermiculite Limited Micafil insulation

    Hi all, curious to know if anyone had experience with Dupre Vermiculite limited micafil insulation in the 1980/90s. Noticed a few bag of the stuff in my loft and got it tested to make sure it wasn’t contaminated. Though noticed the standard uk testing isn’t the best. Apparently the company was...
  3. D

    Was digging up the garden and hit this. Asbestos?

    I was digging in the garden and hit this. Stopped as soon as I saw it was blue and hairy. I know absolutely nothing about asbestos, so not sure if it should be ringing alarm bells, or I'm being overly cautious. I've already called the pros about coming to look at it, but as they can't come...
  4. D

    Help !! Is this asbestos around my gas pipe?

    Hi all, Can you please help me to try to identify if this pipe, leading from my gas meter through a room in my cellar, is asbestos wrapped? It is very difficult to see from the photos as it has been painted several times in the past but any help would be greatly appreciated !! Many thanks. Darren
  5. G

    Victorian reno asbestos panic

    Hello everyone. This has probably been discussed previously but have not found any informative posts making me feel a bit better. (panic) So as many other fellow DIYers, I have purchased a nice Victorian terraced house built in the 1920s.The big renovations have started today and boy is the...
  6. M

    Can I use a penetrating sealant on concrete if there is black mastic on top of the slab?

    Hey everyone, I had a question about sealing my concrete slab before laying down flooring. I live in a very humid area and my building was built in the 60s, so they did not install a vapor barrier under the concrete slab subfloor. I get a lot of moisture coming up from the concrete so I wanted...
  7. M

    Vinyl Plank help over asbestos and moisture

    Hey everyone! I need some help on how to handle asbestos (non friable black mastic) and a lot of moisture on my concrete slab. I have attached a photo but recently my hardwoods were torn up leaving me with an exposed concrete slab that had asbestos on it. I do not want to pay to abate the...
  8. T

    Not another Asbestos panic post? Sadly so!

    Hey all, I have a September 1994 David Wilson house and we have just gone through some insulation board (that we didnt realise was there) when looking to move the boiler. The board in question is located garage-side of the kitchen/garage divide is thin, grey and has glittery specs. It was...
  9. R

    What’s the likelihood of this fireplace cement containing asbestos?

    I know that you can’t tell from a picture, but this relates to something in the past and we can’t access this to test now. I’m basically just curious and totally clueless so having trouble finding an answer on google - but was asbestos cement used in fireplaces to surround a flue pipe like in...
  10. roboshea

    Storage heater model query

    I'm hoping to identify the brand and model of this storage heater, to assess whether an asbestos removal is required. Unfortunately the previous homeowners painted it all over so it's difficult to identify. To me it looks like the modern slimline type so I'm hopeful that it's asbestos free. If...
  11. L

    Asbestos in roof

    So I'm in the top floor flat with the roof above me. now I've read the survey and there is asbestos in the roof. so there's these vents I'll uploads pics or similar to explain but can the asbestos come back through the vents? They're round similar to below with the flexible tube onto them.
  12. T

    Asbestos ceiling

    Hi, I have just bought a 1970s semi and have found out we asbestos in the artic on the ceiling. I am hoping just to leave it and hopefully at some point get it removed but in the kids bedroom there is a sliding door rail screwed into the ceiling. Can I just remove this? With a screwdriver...
  13. D

    Asbestos in plaster

    Hi all, Currently renovating 1930s house and started removing some plaster from a bricked up fire place to open in back up. Part way up the plaster changes from what looks like normal multi-finish to what looks like multi-finish with asbestos within it? Was asbestos ever used in wet plaster...
  14. W

    Asbestos black adhesive on floor

    Hi. I recently (2 weeks ago) put some laminate flooring down to replace carpet. Half the area had some thin tiles on the floor, and the other half had just the black adhesive but no tiles. I took up the tiles so everything was level (the mostly popped off intact), swept, and then laid down...
  15. J

    Back boiler asbestos panel concern

    Hi, hoping for some reassurance from someone who is more knowledgeable than me about chimneys/flues etc. Apologies in advance for the essay. We are renovating our 1930s semi and I've just been re-reading our asbestos management survey. It was incredibly stressful buying the house and I think I...
  16. TerryB1980

    Is there asbestos in the fireplace

    Does anyone know if a 1930's London build will have asbestos in the fireplace? Recently knocked out a partially covered fireplace to find this
  17. C

    Is this brown stuff on the pipes asbestos?

    Hi! Is this asbestos or some type of felt?
  18. O

    Can anyone help identify this material? Asbestos? something else?

    Can anyone help identify this boarding? it was screwed onto some boxing, which was attached to the ceiling which had pipes and electrical cables in there to feed around the corridor. majority of the boxing looked like mdf, and other wood type things. This was different. It does glissen if the...
  19. T

    Is this soffit asbestos?

    Need to know whether it‘s in poor enough condition to be replaced or can be left alone. None of the images of AIB soffit online look like this one so I’m struggling to tell. Any help is great thanks!
  20. harry_01

    What type of textured ceiling is this?

    Hi, i am unsure what type of ceiling this is. This is in the UK.