building regulation

  1. D

    Garage door to window and door foundation

    Hello I want to replace my garage door with a double brick wall soon. Replacing with a door and window. So the brick wall will only be about 1m high and 1.3m wide. Above with sit a small window and the right side fits a door. Do I still need abide to Uk regs at 1.2m depth foundation?
  2. Recci

    Carport building regulation part B

    I was wondering if anyone could help me ? I have a car port and a porch which leads to the main door would the carport require a fire door to be put in to stop fire spreading? onto the porch and to front door. Does carport roof require any insulation this for building regulation drawings...
  3. S

    Planning permission is approved, confused on next steps

    I have had my planning permission for two story side extension approved. I am finding my self very confused now on what to do before the work can start. I called my local council today and they advice me that there are two ways to go about it. 1. Building Notice - simpler and work can begin...
  4. T

    fire door needed?

    Hi, im currently designing my own rear extension with it being permitted development. I was curious to know, would i require a fire door to the opening between the hall and pantry? many thanks
  5. D

    Ventilation problem...

    Hello I am currently finishing off my loft conversion and found that one of my rooms fails the minimum required ventilation according to building regs. Purge - this is achieved by opening the window. The opening...
  6. Josh Dobson

    Foundations Before Permission

    Hi, im currently in the middle of a planning permission application, my council are running 4 weeks behind and I'm yet to get to the 21days ask the neighbours part (i think thats about two weeks away) I already have building regulations approval that came through quite quickly. Site is...
  7. S

    50m3 Calcs under permitted development

    Hi, I would appreciate some advice. we are currently in the middle of a 2 story extension which includes extending the original loft space. This has been through planning permission and was granted. we have now decided that whilst the gable wall is down we are going to convert the entire...
  8. G

    Potential dangerous solid fuel flue position

    My neighbour has installed a wood burner in her property and the flue is about 1000mm away from my building but does not rise 600mm above my building. I am concerned about carbon monoxide and smoke entering my property and in particular my daughters bedroom which you can see on attached...
  9. J

    Replace external sliding door with internal bifold door conservatory. Can I ?

    I was wondering if is possible to replace an old sliding doors with an interior bifold between my extension and conservatory. What would be the minimum spec accepted by building control? Thanks
  10. Phoenixrider

    Rear access to house needs platform??

    I cannot seem to find any building regulation guidelines for steps leading from the rear door of my house to the garden. The only regulations seem to apply to the "access" to a dwelling, where "access" is defined as the nearest private entrance a visitor would access the dwelling from getting...
  11. J

    Loft conversion with hip to gable wall and new dormer. Building reg where to get info

    I`m drawings up some drawings for building reg but struggling to get info on what building regulation accept or advise. I may miss some point but on planning portal they do not specify a single element. is there any guide or something to use a reference point? Thanks
  12. D

    Professional negligence against architect

    I need some advice on making a claim against an architect for professional negligence. The architect designed our loft conversion and also prepared building reg drawings. He also engaged with his SE to produce calculations. We never met the SE and paid the architect for all the work just...
  13. M

    digging below brick footings ?

    We recently lowered the floor in our victorian terrace by approx 15cm. But to do this our builder had to dig the soil down approx 50cm below the brick wall footings before bringing the level back up again with hardcore/concrete/insulation/screed then tiles. Is this against building regs? And can...
  14. H2Gizmo

    Decking Planning permission

    Hi. I live on a mobile Home park,all year round living, retirement place etc etc. We had a small brick patio where our table and chairs did not fit so we extended the patio out, using composite decking boards, laying the boards directly on top of the original patio and in the end doubling the...
  15. G

    Do I need to put foil tape on rafters between roof insulation?

    Hi, We’re part way though an extension and are doing some bits ourselves. The builder did the construction, but we’re doing the roof insulation and the boarding. We’ve used 10cm kingspan between the rafters, and will then cover the whole thing in 2.5cm Kingspan, which is what building control...
  16. A

    External Security Gate Building Reg Brochures

    Dear All, I am having some trouble trying to figure out and eventually design the right width for an external security metal gate for a student housing complex. The UK building regulations which I am looking into do not seem to particularly indicate the allowed clearance so that ambulances and...
  17. S

    Building regulations - means of escape, access rooms, automist and open plan Hello, Does anyone know where I can find information on when a hallway becomes an access room? Is there a specific measurement, or is it more about 'use' (ie if I put a table in a hallway, does it immediately become a room?). My issue is I have an open plan kitchen at the...