consumer unit

  1. C

    Basic garage rewire and CU installation.

    I'm about to start the process of refreshing my single detached garage. Currently the power to the garage is supplied from an RCBO in the house, via SWA to an old metal clad isolator (FCU?) similar to this: Which then feeds out to a couple of lights and a double socket. The plan is to fit a...
  2. S

    Replacing CU off peak supply

    Hi I’m due to move into a 3 bedroom flat in a few weeks. Im thinking of replacing a CU that has off-peak supply with 3 mcb’s, no RCD, for 3 storage heaters. There is a separate CU for everything else in the flat. I want to add two more storage heaters (Dimplex Quantum), and there is space on...
  3. M

    isolator for consumer unit

    Hi, id like to have a new consumer unit fitted , but i think i need an isolator upstream of the consumer unit(outside next to meter i think??) so the consumer unit can made safe. Is this right?. There is currently a 80amp fuse , but im thinking this cant be the actual isolator?. If i need one...
  4. N

    Running power to a garden log cabin via a garage

    Hi, Looking for some information on powering a log cabin but also a garage which is between the cabin and house. My intention is to run armoured cable to the pod via the garage. Once finished I will get an electrician to check, test and connect to the consumer unit. So the question is what...
  5. Z

    Installing Outdoor Lighting

    Hi All, New to the forum, looking for some advice. I'm a fairly competent DIYer and have completed some other minor electrical stuff recently... I'm looking to install some outdoor lights in my new house as currently have none. There is no existing lighting circuit outside or sockets, however...
  6. B

    Can I do this ?

    Hi I currently have a supply running from my house to my New Garage that is fitted with a Garage consumer unit , and is fed by SWA cable buried at the appropriate depth. At the time of installation , the SWA was run through an empty garage of mine , which currently has now power at all. Is...
  7. Darren Rainbow

    New consumer unit ?

    I've just viewed a house to possibly purchase, am I correct to think it needs a new consumer unit ? Switches / sockets looks modern but how do I onow if it needs total re-wring ? Cheers
  8. B

    Extending power from garage to log cabin

    After being in our latest house for about 6 months, I'm thinking of building a log cabin at the end of our garden about 40-45m back from our garage, but I need to be sure that we can safely and effectively supply it with electricity before even starting the project. Connecting directly into the...
  9. S

    Residential Conduit VRI

    Hi all, I'm in the process of buying a house. I went for a second viewing at the weekend and essentially performed our own survey. I was surprised to see that the electrics were all in conduit. There was conduit visible up from the consumer unit and the lighting radial in the loft was seen to...
  10. P

    Consumer unit replacement cost

    I just had an EICR done and the electrician recommended swapping the CU unit out as it tripped as soon as he plugged his meter in. It's probably 30 odd years old, BS 5486, so makes sense. My question is if £600+ is a reasonable cost for installation of a new 5 circuit CU? It's in London. Thanks
  11. R

    Tripping electrics

    So we've had our electricity tripping randomly.. We have an old fuse board so all the circuits are on a single rcd, so fault finding has been tricky. We got home today to a burning smell from the area, called an emergency electrician who found the tails going into the meter had come lose, he...
  12. G

    Renew electrics or update certain parts?

    Hi all I am posting here because I always had good advice when I lived in the UK and the forums here in France are not so helpful . Could be my French ! I wanted a bit of advice. We are buying a house built in 1978. The electrical report came back with some anomalies, which are fairly standard...
  13. M

    New cooker installation.

    Hi, we are getting a new cooker. The old one has been removed from a circuit that states 32amp circuit in the consumer unit for the cooker. All the new cookers I am looking at seem to want higher? 40amp plus. Have I misunderstood is it OK to use the current circuit and just replace old cooker...
  14. Q

    Consumer unit - no electricity to storage heaters

    Recently taken back an ex-rental property which has two Hager consumer units. The second one is just for the storage heaters. It has a red main switch on the right, and six black switches on the left. I have no experience with storage heaters, but as far as I can figure out none of the...
  15. filipe

    Consumer unit height when in the garage

    Hi, Can someone confirm whether the consumer unit in a garage (setting up my man cave) has to follow the "1350mm and 1450mm from floor level" rule? It is not clear to me if this would only apply to habitable area. I'm insulating the place and would like to get conduits in place for the CU. TA
  16. T

    EICR and Fuseboard change

    Hi All, I have a property with the old style fuse wire boards. I need an EICR certificate as well. One tradesman has said they will carry out the EICR first to find any faults with the existing wiring and then change the board to a new consumer unit to finish the test and issue the EICR? I...
  17. T

    EICR and Fuse Board Change

    Hi All, I have a property with the old style fuse wire boards. I need an EICR certificate as well. One tradesman has said they will carry out the EICR first to find any faults with the existing wiring and then change the board to a new consumer unit to finish the test and issue the EICR? I...
  18. D

    Wiring a second workshop (Advice on consumer units and armoured cable)

    I already have a small workshop that is wired to the main consumer unit in the house. In the small workshop I have consumer unit and it runs lighting and sockets for power tools, pillar drill, table saw etc. Now I am building a larger workshop down the bottom of the garden and will need to...
  19. S

    Garden power

    Hi Just after a bit of info about garden power, and don’t worry I will not be doing any of the connections myself and will be getting an electrician to do the work as I understand it needs to be notified to relevant organisations (part P). What I’m looking at doing-at the most we will want to...
  20. N

    CU 32->40a fuse upgrade

    Hi and thanks in advance to all the givers of advice here. I want to upgrade a Triton electric shower from 8.5kW to 9.5kW but would need to swap the existing 32a CU fuse for a 40a fuse. Is there a way for an idiot to safely tell what size the wiring is on that circuit as I gather I need 8mm for...