1. H

    Back boiler removal advice needed, please

    Hello , I am looking to remove my coal fire , it has a back boiler and damper behind which heats the water in my house , I have no gas at the property Can I remove the back boiler myself ? I have a water cylinder in the room directly above . I am hoping to fit a log burner but I don’t want to...
  2. N

    Wood Burning Stove with short flue???

    Hi everyone. I really apppreciate any advice. I have a wood burning stove with a flue that terminates just above a sealed fireboard. I've had a WBS company check it out and they said this is unusual, and it needs a whole new flue liner etc to meet modern regs and to brun properly. They say as...
  3. P

    Please can someone tell me, is comparing 4mm and 2.5mm cable the same as comparing a chainsaw and a blender?

    Hiya, thank you for reading this :-) I'm at the point of needing to confirm with my electrician if we want a 2.5mm ring or 4mm radial circuits putting in. I'm leaning towards the 4mm radials. The only thing I'm not sure about is whether (where there is the option to have either) opting to have...
  4. L

    Recessed downlights and fire/electrical safety

    Hi all. We've been viewing houses recently and I've noticed that nearly all have recessed downlighters somewhere or other - in some cases just one room but in others they're throughout most of the house. Some are in downstairs ceilings with a room above, others in upstairs ceilings with loft...
  5. gabs22

    Dimplex Optymist Electric Fire - KAPUT! Help!

    Our Dimplex Optymist BYP20_BK fire has died a year and a week after we bought it. I'm only now discovering (confirmed on other threads here) that Dimplex has the worst customer service I've ever encountered. The "real fire" effect part of the fire has been lightly used throughout the year. We...
  6. J

    Builders opening 60's House

    Hi there, looking for any advice and help. We have recently renovated our house (built in 1963), standard brick construction. When we moved in, we had a 70s mistermister type gas fire. We had this disconnected and the small builders opening plastered over. I have attached pictures, for...
  7. P

    VIDEO: Is this portable gas heater operating safely?

    I got the gas fire out of the garage ready for winter and the flames seem to be reaching higher than I remember, beyond the fireproof material and into the metal surround. Is this normal, and would a new gas bottle remedy it as it is almost empty? Is it a fire and carbon monoxide threat? VIDEO...
  8. Kevjh

    Converting coal fire to gas

    I have a cast iron fireplace installed and wanted to put a gas fire insert (one of the coal ones) into the bottom where the real coal would have sat and had a couple of questions. An old 1950's fire was taken out, and I have cut away some of the brick and filler to allow this cast iron (coa...
  9. M

    Making loft meet fire regs

    Hi We're currently selling our house which we bought 18 years ago. The house has a loft conversion, and when we bought it the survey highlighted that it didn't meet current fire regs since it is open to the stairwell , i.e. stairs go to first floor, and then curl round and go up into the middle...
  10. M

    Glow Worm Fireblaze BBU capped, can I use the fire without the BBU?

    I've had a Glow Worm BBU capped off and a new combi boiler installed. The firefront doesnt seem to work and I wonder if it is possible to continue to use the fire without the BBU on this model?
  11. P

    Fuse panel hot unit, smell in corridor below?

    Title says it all, really. There is a small grey plastic unit under the fuse box, as per attached photos. It is very warm and there is some blackening behind it on the wood panel it's fitted upon.What might this unit be and what should I do about it? I've no idea how long it's been like this...
  12. C

    Constructional Hearth Guidance

    Hello everyone, I have spent the last few days reading lots of posts on constructional hearths for solid fuel stoves but very little reference to gas fires. The background: I have bought an 1890's victorian semi which was unoccupied for 16 months and previously rented out. The property...
  13. O

    Grounding wire attached to ceiling lamp but canopy of light fixture not grounded, is this serious pr

    I've just installed a new metal pendant light. The light itself has a metal canopy and there is a metal bulb holder below, the two parts are connected via insulated wire. The light came with a grounding wire which I have connected with the grounding wire from the ceiling, so I am confident that...
  14. cwhaley

    Ban on house coal and wet wood

    Assuming many have read the news that the government plans to ban the sale of pre-bagged house coal and the burning of wet wood by 2023. Also understand that loose coal (from merchants) will be banned too. I often get frowns for having a burner and an open fire, but the vast majority of the...
  15. J

    Bioethanol fires and non-combustible chambers

    Hi guys, Looking to install a bioethanol fire in the house we have just purchased. The fire can be found here: We will be building a false chimney breast as it is flue-less but we want it flush against a wall (hence the chimney breast) - online...
  16. Cclaire03

    Solid fuel back boiler removal advice needed

    Hi, I have just removed a 1950s concrete fireplace and found a back boiler & damper behind. Can I remove this myself? It looks easy enough to remove the bricks etc. I dont want to fit a stove or anything. I would just like it to be opened up. Any advice appreciated. Picture attached of the...
  17. T

    What is a Fire cavity barrier?

    So I’m doing a loft conversion and extension on my 2 bed bungalow, the building regs notes asks for “fire resistant cavity barriers to be installed at tops of wall and gable end walls” anyone know what these look like? And can provide me with a link to the ones I need? It’s a full fill cavity...
  18. cwhaley

    Installing an open fire

    I have a wood burning stove which is efficient and does a good job of heating the home. I recently posted a new thread about installing another one in the kitchen -- reason being we have access to free timber (living near a furniture-making town). I have been offered a white limestone surround...
  19. D

    Moving internal door - does the new need to comply with recent fire regs?

    Would the fire resistance of the new door need to be in line with current requirements? Existing doors are all stained and waxed 6 panel pine, so it would look a bit odd to have a modern fire door there. Thank y'all kindly. Dain
  20. H

    Baxi Brazillia F8S Themostat

    My recently fitted Baxi Brazillia F8S wall heater has a thermostat which does not appear to do any thing. It turns fully from 1 to 7 getting tighter towards 1, but no variation on the viewable flame is apparant. Can anybody explain what the thermostat should control please.