1. B

    Advice/Help please -Hanging External Hardwood Gate? Hinges? Fixings?? Pics.

    Hi all I have a Hardwood gate I would like to hang in the pictured opening. It has been sat in my garage for 2 years and since then vals have appeared in it but it’s still rock solid (plus extremely heavy!). It already had x2 cut outs for 100mm hinges (Toolstation Heavy ones)and I have...
  2. R

    Gate has distorted, help!

    I'm installng a replacement fence around my back garden and decided to include a gate. I bought tanalised fencing supplies from my local sawmill (posts, rails and the vertical bits (pickets?) to construct my own fence and gate. The gate I made by building a frame from the 3x1½", screwed together...
  3. A

    Screwing down tongue and groove boards for ledge and brace gate

    Hi, I'm constructing a 6ft x 3ft ledge and brace garden gate using 15mm thick tongue and groove boards and 40mm thick ledge and bracing. I've seen a number of youtube clips which show joiners constructing such gates by screwing the boards down from the back of the gate rather than the front for...
  4. bettz1

    How to stop back gate hitting brick wall

    We've a new gate going on soon and I wanted to stop it from hitting the garage wall. I think the previous owners changed the posts to put in a lock. I'm going to put new brenton bolts on and a latch, I think I'm going to need to remove one of the posts to be able to use the latch. Question is...
  5. Dave Whiting

    Advice on hanging driveway gates between the posts

    Hi All, I’m struggling to work out how I can hang a pair of wooden driveway gates as the gate post in between my drive and my neighbours doesn’t have enough space on the back to mount a standard hook and band hinge because there is a fence post in the centre right next to the post. Can someone...
  6. S

    Fixing a Picket gate to house wall

    Hi all. We have a sloping stepped walkway down the side of the house that is 91cm wide. House(brick) on one side and driveway (4ft breezeblock) on the other side. I need to put a Picket gate between the 2 to stop the dog getting out. As the gate it 90cm wide I was hoping to fix the hinges...
  7. S

    Best way to treat wooden shed/gate/fencing?

    Hi all just a quick question for you. I'm a first time homeowner and I've noticed that the wooden items in my garden (fencing, shed, double gates in the driveway) look worn down and in a couple of places have a little bit of light green mossy stuff on. I know none of it has been treated for a...
  8. HSAG1D

    Beninca gates moving in opposite directions

    Hi, I have a set of BENINCA CAB HD18.AC gates with BENINCA Brainy control unit. One of the motors developed a problem and i replaced it. It is working now but the gates open in opposite directions. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks so much in advance.
  9. B

    What’s the correct way to attach my gate?

    Hi all, Been looking on the forum a while so thanks to everybody who posts, I’ve been given some great ideas and advice. I now have a quick question. I’m just about to start a strip of fencing (14 bays) using concrete posts. The fence will be 6ft panels and 1ft gravel board. Coming off the...
  10. F

    Gate not in line with fence post.

    I have recently moved to a new property and want to install a new latch and bolt to the back garden gate however the fence post is not in line with gate (see pictures). The solution the previous owners came up with is inadequate. I am unable to move the fence post as it used for the gate of the...
  11. Buenaventura Durruti

    Long throw lock greater than 70mm?

    Hi, I've over engineered a gate that's about 100mm thick - does anyone make a long throw lock that might fit? I can't find one using Google. I don't want to use a bolt and padlock if I can avoid it, Thanks John
  12. B

    Converting garden wall to a gate, do I need planning permission?

    My back garden wall is about to collapse so I was hoping to take it down and hang a gate instead. It will allow me to wash or do any repairs of my car on my garden. Access to the garden is via a private alleyway shared with 4 other neighbours. Do I need planning permission do this? Below...
  13. Ouch77

    latch for double gate

    I've built a 6ft double gate for my drive, it's fully clad (pic below, still needs paint). I need to find a suitable catch/latch/lock. ideally I want a self engaging catch/latch to hold the gate shut, with the option to lock/unlock from both the "outside" and "inside". One issue is the...
  14. S

    What is this called?

    Hi All, Apologies in advance if there is a better location for this post. I need to replace one of these metal brackets on a five bar gate: it's used to secure an extra bar but I cannot for the life of me find out what they are called or where I can get one. Is it a question of getting one made...
  15. A

    External Security Gate Building Reg Brochures

    Dear All, I am having some trouble trying to figure out and eventually design the right width for an external security metal gate for a student housing complex. The UK building regulations which I am looking into do not seem to particularly indicate the allowed clearance so that ambulances and...
  16. M

    Outside Gate - Locking from outside only, combination lock

    Hi All Wondering if anyone has a nifty solution for the above. It's the only entry point to the back garden. Two situations I want to cover: 1) convenience - it's the main exit route from house to car with armfuls of babies and supplies, a thumb turn would be fine but don't want to fart about...
  17. N

    Steel Gate Latch.

    I’m looking for a latch for a metal gate which can be bolted on. I’ve seen one where it acts as a stop and you just flip the latch up and down to open and close the gate. Can’t find them anywhere. The problem I have is in the winter the bolt lines up great but in hot weather the gate drops and...
  18. G

    Add latch to metal gate

    Hi, I've had this gate for years, but it doesn't have anywhere to add a latch to it. Any ideas on what I could buy or do to make this close? Currently, it swings open onto the pavement. I don't mind adding batons or other helpful devices to to the side walls (as long as they don't look...
  19. M

    Mystery BFT gate switch - any ideas?!

    Hi there, Currently refitting our kicthen and unsure if I need to keep this mystery switch. Tracking the network cable it definitely has something to do with our BFT gate but no idea what.... We have a physical switch to open and shut it together with gate fobs and then this switch. Gate came...
  20. A

    Gate Support Post not Vertical

    Hi all, I am putting in a new gate which is between 2 brick built posts. Neither of the posts have been built vertical so there is a bigger gap at the bottom than the top if the gate is vertical. The gate will be supported by 2 wooden post fixed to the either brick post. Question is.... should...