glow worm

  1. D

    Weather sensor for the 2023 Vaillant Ecotec Plus 832

    I have the 2023 release Vaillant Ecotec Plus 832 installed (touch screen display at front). It was installed with a Wolseley Centre wireless controller however the radiators were taking 50 minutes to 1 hour to come up to the target flow rate of 60 degrees and after much misdirection by Vaillant...
  2. Petewxm

    glow worm hot water connection pipe, easy to replace?

    Hello, Can anyone help, I have a leak on my boiler, which looks like its coming from the nut on the hotwater connection pipe. My question is - Is it easy to replace, looks like one end just push fits and the other is just tighten the nut? Empty the system first? Thanks Pete
  3. D

    Installing Tado on a Glow Worm Energy 30c Combi

    Hi all, Hoping to gain some advice please. I have a Glow Worm Energy 30c Combi boiler installed in 2020. I've bought a Tado system - I went for the UK V3+ version as I didn't think my boiler supported OpenTherm. However, from reading around it appears it is a modulating boiler, but uses its...
  4. M

    Glow-worm 45-60 B boiler specs and help turning on heating without timer

    Hi, I own a Glow-worm 45/60 B boiler, but I'm unsure whether it's a system or standard boiler. I've looked online, but all I find is information about the space saver version. however, the details on the place card attached to the boiler seem to be somewhat different. Additionally, my analogue...
  5. E

    Better diagnosing a "no central heating but working hot water" problem

    I'm trying to learn a few things while attempting to do some basic diagnosis of what may have caused a problem with my central heating. I have a Glowworm flexicom 15hx gas boiler for hot water and central heating, with a Drayton LP241 programmer/controller. These heat my hot water just fine...
  6. A

    Would a flue extension work on my boiler?

    When I had my boiler serviced I was told it failed as the flue outlet is too close to my conservatory. Is it easy enough to get a flue extension attached to the wall, and then out away from the guttering/roof? - gutter sticks out from wall about 20 cms. The outlet is about 40+ cms from the...
  7. J

    Salus RT510RF+ volt free switching

    Hi, I'm currently installing the stated thermostat to a glow worm betacom 24c combi boiler. I've checked the wiring diagrams and done various google searches before I fully proceed, but just wanted one final check about the volt free installation. From what I can see I connect up the L and N...
  8. L

    Glow worm 30 CXI F5 fault **Solved**

    Glow worm 30 CXI Writting this up to help others. TLDR/Summary (Failing relay on control board, controlling power to pump, causing overheat, F5 fault to be displayed) F5 fault was being displayed on the boiler. The system was 10 years old, no filters fitted, inhibitor added to the system ~5...
  9. Commalex

    Tado v3 wired thermostat to BR1

    2530554F-5F90-441C-B95A-748E1202E6E3 by Commalex posted 2 Apr 2021 at 10:44 PM This is the BR1 4 wires a Live, Neutral (which I parked in the Tado) then Lx l1 and l2 ive wired up the L1 and Lx to com and N0 on Tado connections. NC is empty. glow worm cxi30 ultracom is set to always on for CH...
  10. T

    Help Hive Active Heating + Glow Worm Ultracom cxi

    Hi Trying to wire Hive single channel receiver with my Glow Worm Ultracom cxi 30 boiler, not having much luck, any help would be greatly appreciated. Please see pics
  11. Chris Vaughan

    Glow Worm Systempro Fault 36

    Hi, my son has an air source heat pump (Vaillant will attend for £300!), connected to a Glow Worm SystemPro. A Fault is showing on the SystemPro - Code 36: Communication with the outdoor sensor is out. Any ideas out there please? Replace sensor??? They are low waged and we are hopeful to avoid...
  12. C

    Glow Worm Betacom 24C Heating Issues

    Hi all, I have a Glow Worm Betacom 24C and a Boss TPSRF31 wireless thermostat and receiver. My issue is this: with the heating switch in the on position on the boiler and the thermostat set well below the ambient temperature (at time of writing ambient is 22 degrees and thermostat set down to...
  13. O

    Low bar pressure glow worm 30c

    Hi! Please can someone give any tips on increasing the bar pressure? I can't find anything on the boiler version we have and I also can't find the loop that usually resolves this!
  14. K

    Glowworm 30cxi repressure leak

    Hi, When running a bath this evening, the hot water went cold and when going to the boiler it was flashing red. So when opening the pressure valve, water came out of another area of the boiler (see video) and did not make any difference to the situation. Please let me know if there is...
  15. Scorpion101

    GlowWorm Energy 30r

    I recently had the above system boiler fitted along with a nest thermostat. I've since had a couple of issues with valves and microswitches. One outstanding question I have is that when there is a call for heating either for the central heating or to warm the water in my tank the radiator...
  16. duckdodgersuk

    HELP! New Nest Gen3 with Old System?

    Hi There, I picked up a Nest Gen3 Thermostat in the Black Friday sales but am having a nightmare installing it with my old Glowworm Ultimate 40ff system boiler. Old Thermostat The Hot Water Tank is upstairs along with the LWC1 wiring station and Drayton LP241 programmer. Drayton LP241...
  17. C

    Boiler not firing up, showing error code, help please

    Hi I have a Glow-worm boiler 60ff. It was working absolutely fine until last week. The PCB had a lighting sequence, where reset LED1 was flashing fast and the burner LED2 was flashing slow. So we gathered it's the fan/APS, as that's what the error code suggests. The fan and APS seemed fine...
  18. Connor1995

    Nest Thermostat - Gloworm ultimate 30c

    Hi all! I recently purchased a nest thermostat to accompany my gloworm ultimate 30c combi boiler. I originally wired the heat link to the drawing supplied with the instructions supplied with the nest but that didn’t seem to work and my boiler would only turn on once I went past the set limit...
  19. C

    Glow worm & Smart Wiring Centre start up procedure

    Hi, I've got a Glow worm 30sxi system boiler running radiators and hot water. There are 2 way valves for DHW and CH. There's a MIGO thermostat and a smart wiring centre (SWC) The electricity was cut off a couple days ago and now the hot water isn't being heated. The CH comes on fine, but the...
  20. Miche11e

    Glowworm Betacom2 24 combi

    Hi I have pressure of 0.0 so not hot water or heating. I have had combi boilers before but they have a gauge and a tap to increase the pressure. I have attached a pic could anyone help with how I do it on this one ?