1. F

    Nest, 2 port zone valve and hot water tank

    Installation of Nest seems to have led to the destruction of my heating system. - Plumbers did some interesting wiring, connecting the power wires of the Nest thermostat to anything but T1 and T2 in the Heatlink, resulting in Nest H72 error. - Got plumbers back and they wired the thermostat into...
  2. HomerJay99

    Google Nest E

    I’ve finally taken the plunge and bought a Nest E which I’ll install myself to replace my 150 year old Honeywell CM51 thermostat (2 wire). It all seems straightforward but I’m a little confused about exactly which temperature sensor is used in determining the current room temperature. It seems...
  3. S

    Installing Nest Thermostats

    Hi I would like to install 2 nest thermostats to replace the 2 thermostats I currently have in my home. My boiler is an Ideal Logic ES38 and it's controlled by 2 Honeywell CM707 thermostats. One for upstairs and one down. I've watched loads of videos and read tons and seems pretty...
  4. C

    Nest v3 - heating not switching off

    Can't find an identical problem, so here goes. Nest v3 installed in the summer, by my local gas engineer. Don't want to bother him again as he took pity on us and charged us an unbelievably low price to sort out many issues left by a previous cowboy. Heating and hot water are on a Y plan...
  5. J

    Nest Thermostat E Heatlink installation (replacing Strom receiver for Valliant ecoPure Plus)

    In the attached photos you can see the wiring and wiring diagram of the receiver I am looking to replace with my Nest Thermostat E Heatlink. My question is around the Common connection. As you can see I have a jumper from L to COM. Am I correct to believe that I should use L (brown wire) as...
  6. Romedan

    R6660D with fuse box to nest e thermostat heatlink

    I've had a quick look on the forum and have found similar but nothing I can see that's double cabled and with a fuse box. I think I've identified the black as C and grey as NO via the forum. Question is, what do I do with the wires from the boiler and fuse box. I'm assuming these do not go to...
  7. Ben Rattigan

    Google Nest Thermostat E

    I have a Siemens RAA02 and want to install Google Nest Thermostat E with Heatlink Can I replace the room thermostat it has wires in 1 and 2 and earth, or do I have to take out controller. Really not sure what either wires are for and where they go into Google Heatlink. DSC_0876 by Ben...
  8. M

    Replacing a Salus iT500 RX with3rd Gen NEST and Worcester 30CDi conventional boiler

    Hello, my Salus wi-fi Gateway has finally died and it's time to replace the unreliable system with a Nest. Could anyone advise on wiring the Nest heatlink to replace the iT500 RX receiver unit please? The current wiring is as per the images attached, as follows: 1. Red cable from CH COM to CH...
  9. Sebastião Schumaher

    Upgrade to Nest Thermostat E from Honeywell R6660D

    Hello guys, I am trying to figured out the wiring on my current Honeywell Receiver which works fine with my wireless Honeywell CM927. I am confused with the current wiring of my receiver - please see pictures which I will attach: current wiring: N blue cable (I guess neutral) L brown cable...
  10. GothicGeisha

    Sorry it's another nest heatlink problem.

    20190902_004423 by GothicGeisha posted 6 Sep 2019 at 7:36 PM20190901_132656 by GothicGeisha posted 6 Sep 2019 at 7:36 PM20190901_151503 by GothicGeisha posted 6 Sep 2019 at 7:36 PM20190901_175058 by GothicGeisha posted 6 Sep 2019 at 7:36 PM20190901_175110 by GothicGeisha posted 6 Sep 2019 at...
  11. S

    Nest Thermostat E with Honeywell CM900

    Hi, I’d like to apologise in advance as I’m a complete novice to this stuff. I’m trying to learn how to do wiring/installations and not rely on someone doing it for me so please be patient with me. I’ve bought the new Nest Thermostat E to replace my Honeywell CM927 controller. I’ve located...
  12. A

    Nest - heatlink clicking boiler not turning on

    Hi, I am installing a 2nd gen Nest on an ideal logic + boiler The heatlink is paired up with the nest and when I turn on the heatlink clicks but the boiler doesn't power up. Below is a picture of the heat link and boiler wiring. Please help! Thanks
  13. N

    Nest and Baxi boiler with two-wire thermostat

    Hello - I'm a newbie on the site, and I've seen that folk are pretty helpful so thought I'd make my first post. I bought a Nest 3G thermostat and am looking to have it installed. I'm getting quotes for £100 locally and want to see if I can do it myself first. I have already taken a look at...
  14. M

    NEST Heat Link Wiring - Half a job

    Afternoon All, I've been trawling threads and Google for help. We've recently had an extension built and a new boiler installed. On asking the plumber to install the Heat Link he stated not his job and on asking the electrician he stated the same. This went on until electrician agreed. Any how...
  15. B

    Nest install - Earth Wire Query

    Good afternoon, We have had our nest and heatlink installed for about a week now and its all working like a dream. We just did the install ourselves and it went without a hitch replacing the old Danfloss programmer with the heatlink. My question is that there is nowhere on the heatlink to...
  16. D

    Installing Nest Gen 3 to danfoss tp9000si help

    Hello, Im new guys so go easy. I need a little help installing the Nest gen 3. See attached some photos. I want to link the nest stat to the nest learning box via T1 and T2 but I'm not sure where to pick up from? Red and yellow are the stat wires link to 2 and 3 brown and brown with yellow...
  17. N

    Nest 3rd Generation Installation 240v

    Hi All, I have recently purchased the 3rd Generation Nest Thermostat. I managed to wire the heatlink up replacing the old controller next to the boiler. The thermostat connects perfectly and this now runs smoothly and I can trigger the heating on and off wirelessly. My next task was to...