1. E

    Oven hood

    Hi. We had new oven hood installed. I have notice when I'm cooking the wall behind the oven next to oven hood is wet. Is this normal??
  2. E

    Kitchen cornice/ pelmet

    Hi. We just had our kitchen done. We have noticed that the cornice and pelmet don't look right. Could you have a look at those photos, please. Are they ok or should they be flush with the cabinet doors? How can I rectify the problem? Thank you
  3. T

    Ceramic tiles large

    600x1200mm wall floor tiles 600x1200mm ceramic wall floor tiles marble effect I have stored in the garden the Mrs wants me to get rid of them any takers ?? Approximate 40sq metre area coverage £2300 worth to good to go in the skip I'll take a few hundred for them if anyone wants them
  4. E

    Architrave problem

    Hi. I would like an advice about architrive and vanyl flooring. Our builer replaced some of our skirting boards and architrive in 1 part of the kitchen. We had vanyl flooring installed that day also. Unfotunately the skirting board and architrave he bought are about 20mm wide. I dont like the...
  5. B

    Good quality recessed kitchen spots?

    Hi folks, Had a spark around recently and he was advising we replace the lighting in the kitchen. These are old round recessed lights with little transformers above. Transformers and bulbs have started to die, housing is looking rough, and he's suggesting replace them with LED alternatives that...
  6. P

    Replace Marley kitchen sink waste trap

    I am trying to replace the waste trap beneath my kitchen sink. The old, broken one is labelled : Marley Extrusions 11/2 / 40 PP BS3943 I cannot find this brand anywhere. I showed the old trap to the local plumbing merchants and they sold me a McAlpine trap, saying it should definitely fit...
  7. D

    Solid Wood Worktop Installation when bowed

    We have a 40mm solid wood beech worktop fitted in our U-shaped kitchen. Two lengths and a third breakfast bar. The kitchen and wooden worktops were bought and delivered a year ago. Due to various reasons (including my own slow DIY skills) we have only now got to the point of fitting the...
  8. A

    Advice Please - Kitchen Extension / Neighbour Dispute

    Hi all, First time poster here and in some desperate need of advice so a massive help and then hopefully thank you in advance!! Me and my partner purchased a terraced house not too long ago. We met all the neighbours and everything was wonderful. We informed the two adjoining that obviously a...
  9. ritchieee

    Layout of downlights in kitchen - positioning around cupboards

    Hi folks, could I ask for some advice please on laying out some downlights in the kitchen? I have 600mm work surfaces all the way around the kitchen. On the one wall though, I have 300mm cupboards above. To reduce shadows being cast across the work surfaces, I planned to have the lights 500mm...
  10. C

    Awkward kitchen high quote

    Half way though a kitchen refurb and got a shock when I was quoted 2k for plastering. Now 2 walls will need battening but the room is less than 3x5. Some is awkward and some will need browning rather than boarding. Also having the ceiling overboarding. I live in Berkshire and the walls are back...
  11. T

    Curvy kitchen

    Within 4-6 weeks a new kitchen (high street but as smart as poss) will need to be in at the house I've just bought. There's a separate living room but the units will be semi-open plan to a largish dining room. The available kitchen area is 3800x2230m and lends itself to a natural L shape plus...
  12. C

    Height of kitchen units from floor (when fitting lamintate flooring later)

    Hi all, I am installing a new kitchen. The units come with a plynth that is 150mm tall and adjustable legs. We will be putting down laminate flooring (probably 8mm + 5mm underlay) which will be installed after the units are fitted (so they dont sit on the laminate). My question is: I have...
  13. P

    Flush mounting sink into walnut worktop?

    Hi, I'm planning on replacing my kitchen counters with a solid walnut (stave) worktop and a new sink. I like the look of flush fitting sinks and my worktop supplier has said they can do CNC cutting for this kind of fitting but I'm worried that this type of fitting might not be suitable for...
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