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  1. Kburrito

    Lean-to permissions and regulations help.

    Hi everyone, I'm planning some renovations and need advice on the permissions and regulations involved. Here are the details of my project and some specific questions I have: Current Situation: I have a concrete sectional garage. There's a small walkway between my house and the garage leading...
  2. Kburrito

    Garden side entrance Wall/Fence

    Hi, I finally have some time to tidy up the front garden, and one of my first projects is to rebuild the side entrance to the garden and garage. I have several unused marine plywood panels and thought of creating something more substantial than just a fence for the front (see attached...
  3. Kburrito

    Garden side entrance - rebuilding fence/wall help

    Hi, I finally have some time to tidy up the front garden, and one of my first projects is to rebuild the side entrance to the garden and garage. I have several unused marine plywood panels and thought of creating something more substantial than just a fence for the front (see attached...
  4. nigeymc

    How much to budget for this small extension?

    I'm in the process of completing the purchase of a house. It's an end terrace with a very dated single skin brick lean-to that's been added to end terrace side of the house. There's a door from the kitchen leading to it and it's used by the current owners as storage. However it's in pretty bad...
  5. S

    Thoughts on Lean to/Enclosed Walkway connecting house and garage?

    Hi All Got an interesting semi DIY project lined up, and wanted thoughts from anyone who's done anything remotely similar, and problems you ran into. I've got a double story brick house with a detached simple double garage (also brick) sitting to the side. The garage sits offset to the back...
  6. L

    Side Lean-to built on boundary - what are my options?

    Hi there, I'm looking for some advice on what my options might be for improving the side space by my home. I'm keen to know what options are, but also failing that, who I can actually ask to ascertain what is possible and / or permitted? The side space is currently a mish mash of 3 sections, -...
  7. chriscorbs

    Lean to leak

    Hi. I have a lean to conservatory at the house I moved into in May. There have been two leaks in heavy rain since then. Nothing major but I need it fixed. There is no lead flashing and the only barrier to the elements is the grey stuff that the so called 'roofer' (previous owner) seems to have...
  8. O

    Lean To Build.

    Hi There, After some advice really, We had a lean to built last year and it just leaked by some rogue traders who now don't exist. The plastic was cut short, no flashing and was just a nightmare dealing with them luckily. We are now looking at getting the fence side brick built to make it...
  9. N

    Insulating a polycarbonate leanto

    My polycarbonate leanto I have decided to insulate by means of adding wooden Batons and stapled breathable insulation on to them. There is a gap of about 2cm from the insulation and the polycarbonate sheets and I intend to fit in ceiling plasterboard flush up against the insulation, leaving the...
  10. T

    Building a Veranda / Patio Cover Help Needed

    Hello everyone, I am looking at building a timber lean to veranda / patio cover down the side of my house and was hoping that I could get a bit of advice on how to do it. The span is going to be roughly 2.7m wide by 6m long with a roof at 15 degrees. The whole thing will be painted with...
  11. R

    Best Way of attaching a Lean-to carport beam to red brick?

    I am putting up a carport on the side of my house and am not sure what the most suitable and strongest anchoring bolts are for the 2"x6" C16 beam to red brick. I've seen expansion bolts, resin anchors or thunder bolts. Recommendations, brands etc. would be great, thanks!
  12. M

    Leen to roof, multi-wall polycarbonate thickness advice please

    Hello all I've been building a lean too roof and was going to use 6mm toughened glass, until I saw a sheet of polycarbonate and had a reality check, due to the size, that I was not going to be able to use glass.:cautious: too big, handling etc. Anyway, my panels will be 3m x 700mm wide, there...
  13. R

    Pole plate - remove rendering or not?

    The pole plate (I think it is called that - I.e. the wall plate attached to the existing house on a lean to roof) - must you remove all the rendering before attaching it, or can you leave it and screw directly into the rendered brick... providing the render is sound of course. It is a right...
  14. R

    Wall plate timber

    Evening All. I am about to start constructing the roof on my extension, which is a typical single storey, with a lean to roof joining the house. The 'lower' wall plate, I.e. the one sat on the blockwork is best made from either 50x100 or 75x100 timber by the sound of it, to give enough to nail...
  15. CatherineT1992

    Neighbour crossing boundary!

    Hi everyone! Just after some advice. My neighbour has a lean to that is supported by and crosses my fence area! Prior to the pandemic, I have approached him and asked him nicely to remove it, I have explained that the runoff from the side of the house in particularly wet weather is leaving...
  16. Mickeyw92

    Building large garge under strange circumstances

    Hi guys, bit of a strange one and lengthy but please stick with me. Im totally new to this but i beleive the circumstances are so unique that it isnt straight forward enough to just jump in with both feet and instead i should seek advice from far more experienced/knowledgable than I. I bought...
  17. P

    Lean to shed

    Hi All I'm planning to build a lean-to shed next to my house. The existing passage is already tight, so need to put the wall as close to the fence as possible. I can't really remove the fencing, so I'm struggling with coming up with a way to screw in the cladding after I put up the posts. The...
  18. L

    Flashing for shed lean to

    I'm planning on building a simple lean to that will stick out of the back of my shed. The plan is for it to be a wooden frame with a corrugated bitumen roof. Its just for keeping the rain off various things that I dont have space for in the shed. What I was wondering is how to do the flashing...
  19. S

    Sealing off a Lean to

    Hi all, I'm wanting some advice about a lean to off my house I'd like to seal off. We bought an 1880's cottage last year that, like all cottages, is fairly small and tight for space. We have a wonderful South Facing garden that I've really enjoyed growing food in, and I'm trying to make it...