1. T

    Simple Outdoor Garden Light Installation

    Hi there, I'm planning on installing an outdoor garden light (lamp post type with three 60w bulbs). It will simply be wired with a 3 amp plug, as don't wish to wire it permanently into the lighting circuit. I already have the socket available right at the consumer unit which is handy. I'm just...
  2. A

    Cabling for outside lighting query

    I have a quick question, I am getting my rendering done on my extension and wanted to clarify I can do what I think I can do for the outside lighting. The fuse board location is on the first floor as shown on the drawn picture. I have four post lights that I want to position as shown by the...
  3. OwainOW

    3 Way Light Switch turning one light on and another off from same switch.

    Hi All, I installed a new 3 way switch and intially had it working on all 3 switches after just doing a switch by switch cross over of the cables. I then snapped a screw in the backing box which meant draggging all the wires out. Although I tried to group them I have been unable to rewire...
  4. K

    Lighting up dark stable for works

    We have a stable with no windows and it is a black black space, becasue ever with the single light on it is still dark. We are going to be doing lots of works in there so need to get it well lit. Dimensions are 5.4m x 3.55m. We can string lighting across the whole of the 5.4m dimension...
  5. A

    Strange lighting wiring colours? Replacing fluorescent fixture

    Hello all, I’ve had a look over the sticky regarding lighting wiring and I think it doesn’t answer my question. I’m trying to replace the long fluorescent fixture in the kitchen with an ordinary light fixture (bar/spotlight). The problem is that there’s some bizarre colours (peach, orange and...
  6. J

    Best Maglite LCD Conversion Kit.

    I was thinking of buying a LED Conversion Kit for my 2 Cell Maglite Torch. I am not sure of the model but its the black metal police type and takes two batteries. Any ideas thanks?
  7. J

    Do I need an electrician?

    Hi, Sorry if this is the wrong thread or area to put this. Do I need an electrician to install lights for a low ceiling? I haven't decided 100% what I am getting but something similar to the types of lighting below. Would I be able to just follow a youtube video with the wiring or is it best...
  8. Z

    Installing Outdoor Lighting

    Hi All, New to the forum, looking for some advice. I'm a fairly competent DIYer and have completed some other minor electrical stuff recently... I'm looking to install some outdoor lights in my new house as currently have none. There is no existing lighting circuit outside or sockets, however...
  9. M

    Best option for swapping halogen spotlights for LED

    Evening all, I'm a bit behind in the world of LED lighting as before having a baby earlier this year, we didn't really use the main lights very often. However, the existing halogen spotlights are now getting a lot more use (and some of the transformers have died) so I think it's time to look...
  10. M

    Two way switch and on double dimmer switch

    Hi, fixing a new dimmer switch for some new LED light fittings. I have took the old dimmer switch off (see image) and tried to attach the new dimmer the same way. It hasn’t worked. The dimmer has two switches one for the ceiling light and one for the wall lights. There is also a light switch on...
  11. D

    2 gang 1 way dimmer to 1 gang switch

    Hi, I have series of halogens in kitchen organised in 2 groups and fed to a single (1 way) dimmer light switch with two buttons (2 gang). Can I replace this with a 1 way 1 gang non dimmer? Only current one has worn out and I never use one set of lights without the other. Thanks
  12. A

    Removing fluorescent fixture & extending wiring?

    Hello all, I have a very unsightly fluorescent fixture I'd like to get rid of and replace with a more pleasant modern pendant. The only problem is that I'd like the pendant to be in the middle of the ceiling (green X on the photo), which would be about halfway into the tube on the first...
  13. B

    Stupid Pneumatic Delay Switches

    I live in a leasehold property in London and I’m responsible (along with two others) for property maintenance. there’s a big hallway/stairway inside the building and the lighting is controlled by about half a dozen of those white pneumatic delay switches. We’re not happy with them - they don’t...
  14. finlamit

    How is my ceiling rose/light switch functioning??

    I recently changed a couple of ceiling roses for a newer ones that weren't grubby and yellow. I noticed something odd... in the fact there was only 2 cables going to them. In previous houses I have lived at, there has always been 3. 2 which form part of the ring/circuit, and one goes to the...
  15. S

    Dimmer switch buzzing?

    Hi all, I'm attempting to replace a 1-gang dimmer switch that broke. I wired up the new switch and switched it on to test, but when doing so I noticed a buzzing noise coming from the black box at the back of the switch that holds all the electronic gubbins. Is this cause for concern? I'm very...
  16. H

    Replacement remote

    Hi, Does anybody know what remote this is and where they can be purchased from? It controls 4 internal spots (3inch diameter) and 4 external spots. I'm afraid I don't know the lighting brand. Many thanks. PS - Does anyone know if these can be controlled via Alexa? :sneaky:
  17. J

    Installing an illuminated bathroom mirror

    Hi, long time reader, but first time asking. Hopefully this hasn't been asked before. So, currently in the process of giving the bathroom a makeover. I have a 110/240v shaver socket I want to get rid of and I want to install an illuminated mirror (zone 2). Currently, the shaver socket is fed...
  18. OuluChris

    Replace double dimmer switch with single

    Hi, A room in my flat has a double dimmer switch but only one ceiling-mounted light (and no other main lights). It's also old and causing flickering (several of the other single dimmers in the flat have already been replaced because of this). When I remove the switch from the wall there are...
  19. W

    Replace 3-Gang + 3 Way switch, with a 3-Gang Smart Switch with No Neutral

    Hi all, I recently swapped my living room light switch which was a 1-gang basic light switch, and replaced it with a 1-gang smart switch. The wiring behind my light switch had no neutral wire, so I made sure I purchased the "no neutral" version of the smart switch. Now I'm moving onto my...
  20. G

    Swiss Wiring

    Just moved into a new rented flat in Zurich and as is common most of the light fittings have been removed (?!) [previous renter was British] I bought a contactless tester, to check out wiring. We've since had a local sparks check things and fit some new lights, but I was surprised by what I...