1. oldcelt

    How can I repair a broken mirror housing

    Someone smashed into the passenger side mirror leaving the housing broken but all pieces left trapped by the insides. The mirror itself is unbroken and the electrics all work OK. Can anyone recommend a suitable adhesive to bond the housing back together please?
  2. D

    Height of mirror light?

    What height would you generally have the 1.5mm tail sticking out of the plaster? What length tail should be ok? What are the considerations.. Thank you, Dain
  3. C

    Acrylic mirror on back of wardrobe door.

    Hi, I would like to glue to the back of my wardrobe doors two 223cmx39cm acrylic mirror sheet. However, reading the specifications of the acrylic mirror sheets, they're recommended on flat surface only. As you can see on the attached photos of my wardrobe doors they middle is inner/intended...
  4. bettz1

    Glued mirror on mdf advice

    Hi after some advice I used mirror mate on a large mirror I had for the gym garage and attached it to some mdf that I cut 140x140 and painted white. The mirror has been hung on the garage wall for about a year but I've noticed it's got damp in the top right corner and has a little mold on it,it...
  5. N

    Screws and plugs: Heavy Mirror on Chimney breast

    Hi folks, Advice very welcome - I have a heavy mirror that I need to install on my living room chimney breast. 1950's/60's build so assuming plaster on brick? I think...? The mirror is round, 100cm in diameter, is about 20kg and has 2 x sawtooth bracket to hang on screws. See the pics...
  6. R

    How to hang vintage frameless mirror

    Spent years renovating our house and now stuck for ideas with the simpliest of things!!! Got one of those vintage frameless mirrors which my wife wants to hang over our cast iron bedroom fireplace. It has a small chain for hanging (single chain /fixed at either end to mirror) but can't think...
  7. J

    Installing an illuminated bathroom mirror

    Hi, long time reader, but first time asking. Hopefully this hasn't been asked before. So, currently in the process of giving the bathroom a makeover. I have a 110/240v shaver socket I want to get rid of and I want to install an illuminated mirror (zone 2). Currently, the shaver socket is fed...
  8. bettz1

    Any idea how to hang mirrors without screws

    Sister has moved into a rented flat and she's wondering hows best to hang a few mirrors. The bathrooms the main one it's tiled though Any ideas? Without damaging the walls?
  9. M

    LED Mirror

    Hi - anyone know of a mirror - ideally 600 wide by 800 high with the shaver point and IR sensor (or switch) on the LEFT? The one supplied and all others I can find on line have these on the right and there isn't room between the unit and the wall to plug a razor in of for the sensor to work...
  10. cwhaley

    E14 LED Bulbs - Parallel Circuitry

    I know this has been posted before, but in some old threads... and some of my questions aren't in there so I'll start a new one rather than try to resurrect them. I'm hoping to make an LED 'Hollywood Style' mirror for the other half. Making the unit itself I am fine with and I know it'll look...
  11. D

    Bathroom cabinets side by side?

    I'm looking to install mirrored bathroom cabinets, and due to needing around 2.3m width of wall to cover, struggling to find any single mirrored cabinet to buy that wide. So looking to maybe get a few units of one, and just hang them side by side. Problem is, will the doors get in the way of...
  12. K

    Hinge/bracket to mount mirror?

    Hi I'm trying to sort storage in a small space. I've built a floor to ceiling bookshelf perfectly filling an alcove and would like to mount a large mirror over some of it but am unsure what fixings to use. The mirror is roughly 40cm wide and 120cm long so neither as wide or tall as the...
  13. S

    Hanging 3-5 mirrors -- can I use the existing picture rail?

    I want to create a feature all using 3-5 vintage mirrors I've collected from charity shops. They're all quite heavy, at a guess 10-20kg each. Some have chains on the back with hooks in place on the wooden mirror back. I have a picture rail on the wall I want to hang them from. What picture...
  14. A

    Installing a wall mounted sliding mirror in bathroom

    Hello all, I hope this is the appropriate forum for this - I was hoping someone would be able to offer me some advice. I have very recently moved into a flat in which the bathroom has one smallish window above the sink, with no mirror anywhere or, really a reasonable surface to put one. The...
  15. A

    Installing a wall mounted sliding mirror in bathroom

    EDIT: I am very sorry, I did not read the rules for this forum first, please could an admin delete this post, I have reposted in "General DIY".
  16. N

    Curved edging suggestions

    I have a wall which I want to put mirror tiles on – the only problem is there’s an alcove with a curved top at one end. Once fitted I’d like to put some kind of channel or beading around the alcove to hide the edges of the tiles but whatever I use will have to be bendable. Suggestions ?
  17. compact

    Heated Mirror for bathroom

    I've run a lighting cable down the wall in the plaster and now looking at a heated mirror. Has anyone got advice on which one to go with. Buy a complete package, or buy a separate heated pad and mirror? Thanks