Installing a wall mounted sliding mirror in bathroom

21 Jun 2016
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United Kingdom
Hello all,

I hope this is the appropriate forum for this - I was hoping someone would be able to offer me some advice.

I have very recently moved into a flat in which the bathroom has one smallish window above the sink, with no mirror anywhere or, really a reasonable surface to put one. The flat is ground floor and while the glass is frosted I intend to install blinds in the window recess.

Since bathrooms typically have mirrors, and I would like to put one above the sink, I would like to try mounting 2 sliding tracks on the wall so that I can install a mirror that can be easily slid above the sink and in front of the window, or out of the way to let in more light.

Mainly what I am not sure about is what supplies I need, and where would I get them from?

I have looked sliding tracks for cupboard doors, but generally it looks like these are intended to have at least the lower part resting on the floor, and I am not sure if I just used an upside-down top sections to hold the bottom of the mirror in place, if this would be strong enough to take the weight... advice on the best way to actually attach these things to the wall would be appreciated also!
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One idea to consider is using aluminium or chrome channel as the runners for the mirror - in the absence of any kosher existing for the top, one for the bottom. Suitable decorative screws could be used to fix the channel to the wall, and the screws would also prevent the mirror from sliding out of the channel.
John :)
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Thank you all for your responses!

While I could use an adjustable TV mount, I feel like attaching the mirror to the mounting arm would be pretty tricky. jj4091, thank you for that link, I did look at some similar things but a lot of those look a little more expensive than I was really planning to spend.

Burnerman, I like your idea the best! :) I could use these things - - I think. One small concern I have though is if I need to cut down or drill through this, how difficult is it to cut down or drill aluminium?
Don't even think of doing this. You'd need to use safety glass because if it drops you're in shyte street, so it'll be bloody heavy. It's a nifty idea, but get a venetian blind from Dunelm, and stay safe.
To answer your question, aluminium is a very soft metal that drills, cuts and files very easily. For drilling, use a HSS jobber drill.
Polishing is simple with Solvol Autosol, and the metal can be lacquered afterwards to keep it shining.
John :)
Interesting product; would it be big enough, and can you get the right size and the fittings - it would certainly be safer and lighter than glass. Bathrooms tend to be full of condensation, so it'll be wet most of the time. can you post picture of the bathroom.
Axial, the aluminium channel would be more than strong enough to hold a mirror, either glass or plastic.
I think the biggest issues would be condensation in the lower channel which would of course, become mouldy in would also be awkward to clean.
John :)

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