1. R

    How should I remove paint from bathroom ceiling?

    Hi, I am currently decorating my house to make it look presentable for sale. The bathroom ceiling has been getting flakey for a while now so I have decided to tackle it. However, what I thought would be an easy fix, has turned into a bit of a nightmare really. I have been tackling the ceiling...
  2. B

    Skirting Board Woes

    Hello forum, I replaced all the skirting boards in my flat recently. I used a fully finished white skirting board from Wickes. Well...I hoped it would be straightforward - lots of nice 45 degree mitres, some scribed joints and glue the whole lot on to the walls. Bish bash bosh, job done. Not...
  3. M

    Painting a PVC Composite Door

    Hi, We have a glass fibre / PVC skinned composite door. It's a couple of years old now and has been through a lot on our very messy building site and so it needs some touching up on the outside. The outside is black and we wish to repaint it black again to make it look like new. I know that...
  4. F

    Help with spray painting a radiator..?

    Hi, Can anyone help me with what types of spray paint I can use on radiators as I want a larger variety of colours to use, my project is ombre painting for my little girls bedroom. Can any type of enamel paint work the same as radiator paint? The radiator is already painted, no rust, I just...
  5. L

    Best paint and prep for interior wood

    I've not painted a lot of interior wood so I'm trying to work out the minimum required work to get a decent result on my banister. It's currently painted in white gloss that's starting to bubble and peel, revealing old gloss paint underneath. In well worn parts you can see small strips of dark...
  6. J

    Dulux Endurance+ vs Floor Paint

    Hi, I want to paint a wooden desk top yellow, and it being a desk top I would like the surface to be as durable as possible. My options locally seem to be a bit limited and I'm wondering whether Dulux Endurance+ will be good enough or whether I should splash out (excuse the pun) on Farrow &...
  7. B

    Painting old varnished doors with low VOC paint

    Hi all. I have been doing a bit of research and all the suggestions I can see for painting old varnished doors are with very high VOC paint. We have our first baby due in about a months time so was wondering if anyone can reccommend some low VOC paint that will give it a good finish? I...
  8. rosie88

    Paint not drying

    Not sure what to do next. I had to plane the edges of a door recently that a cowboy builder had installed. I sanded, undercoated in my usual water based primer/undercoat and used the very last dregs of a crown non drip gloss. There was brown liquid in the bottom so I just mixed it together...
  9. Qwnage

    How do I paint over this? 2x layers of old paint and plaster

    Good Morning All, been lurking here for a while, but this is my first post! I've done some searching on this, but couldn't really find a definite answer for my exact scenario. Please see the attached image for reference. I'm a newbie DIYer who has recently bought a 1970's house and have...
  10. S

    Painting over wallpaper...advice?

    Hi there, i know this question has been asked 1000 times, but i've seen 1000 different answers! So we have a big bathroom which has been tastefully(!) wallpapered by the previous owner, and we want to get rid of it. However, despite having 3 external very solid walls, it seems they have put up...
  11. G

    Painting exterior render?

    Hello Looking for some advice on how to 'repaint' this patch. I'm not sure if it's a thick textured paint, or the render has a pattern put into it (I'm guessing thick textured paint). Any advice? Thanks Graham
  12. F

    Matt emulsion scraping off wall, what's going on here..

    I'm in the process of preparing a room for decorating and noticed that some of the existing matt emulsion on the walls (applied by previous owners) can be scraped off relatively easily (some places not so easily). See video here The walls are paramount boarding with a plaster skim but seem to...
  13. E

    Lead paint? on walls

    A DIY frenzy over the BH weekend uncovered a layer of paint (rubberised by the steamer) underneath the paper. I peeled this all off and disposed of it, leaving another layer of yellowish paint with a powdery finish on the wall and a few cracked areas revealing another layer of green paint...
  14. G

    Possible Asbestos - I'm Petrified :(

    Hi all So I live in a 1920s house which has me and my boyfriend are currently attacking room by room, the room we're working on is the kitchen. Being bank holiday seemed a good idea to start ripping everything out, until on day two I thought to myself 'I wonder if that's asbestos?' and have...
  15. G

    Painting new K Rend render

    Hi, I posted this in the plastering and rendering section the other day, but realised it's more of a paint question. I got a guy in about 3 weeks ago to apply some Fine Texture K Rend to some new blockwork seating I've had built. He did a K Rend undercoat one day, which looked neat, then he...
  16. R

    Mist coat booboo.

    I have made a booboo, I used a 50/50 mix of Acrylic Eggshell with water for a mist coat on fresh plaster. I plan to do the top coat of paint in the same eggshell finish. What would be the best way forward? Carry-on as I am and hope all will be OK Sand/scrape it off and start again (It' a big...
  17. P

    Garage Door- Painting

    Hi, I'm in the process of removing the paint of my galvanised steel garage door. The paint was peeling off so needed removing. I'm wondering what the best types of paint are to repaint it? Once I'm back to the galvanising should I go for something like red oxide primer, undercoat then gloss...
  18. G

    Painting on Tanking Slurry

    Hi, I am going to paint over tanking slurry with weather shield masonry paint. The slurry is pretty dusty though. Would it be wise to spray/paint with PVA/SBR bond first? Thanks in advance Graham
  19. J

    Magic white paint mixing brands reaction yellowing nightmare - pls advise

    So I'm decorating my living room, have put up a picture rail and painted the first coat above the picture rail with some Wickes Pink to White paint I had leftover from painting my bedroom ceiling. The first coat looked fine but I needed to do a second coat but had run out that paint, so I went...
  20. T

    acceptable paint stipple by professional?

    hi everyone. i have commissioned a professional painter and i am wondering if his work is of acceptable quality. i think theres too much paint stipple on a brand new plaster? what do you think? also shouldnt the skirting be better sanded? i took a couple of pics to show but not sure how clear...