1. lalanuggets92

    Infrared Heater Marking

    Hello, I have a far infrared glass panel heater which is mounted on the wall. Over the last few days I have noticed it has started to become marked on the inside under the glass. What could this be? The unit isn’t wet or anything, still works and no smells. I’m a bit worried however that it’s...
  2. D

    Divide existing single uPVC window into 2 panels, one glass, one infill panel for cat flap

    I'd like to put a catflap into a tall, narrow double-glazed window (300mm x 1800mm), but the window isn't wide enough for a new glass panel with circular cutout for cat flap adapter. The next best solution would be to divide the window into 2 panels. a 300mm x 300mm infill panel at the bottom...
  3. S

    Keypads v fobs

    Hi all, Currently wiring my house with cables for a home alarm system and I was wondering what peoples thoughts were about the number of keypads that are required. In my current house I have 1 at the front door and 1 in the garage, these are the only 2 entry points and then another 1 on the...
  4. P

    Fuse panel hot unit, smell in corridor below?

    Title says it all, really. There is a small grey plastic unit under the fuse box, as per attached photos. It is very warm and there is some blackening behind it on the wood panel it's fitted upon.What might this unit be and what should I do about it? I've no idea how long it's been like this...
  5. D

    Wall panels - above 1800x800 bath - ground floor

    I haven't used this panelling before, haven't done much tiing either. Shower panels look like the way forward if I can get some for above the bath. Does anyone supply custom panels? (probably not laminate). Thick enough to be rigid. For walls above long side and each end. Approx.160cm tall...
  6. D

    Is it possible to cut bath panels without ruining them?

    2100 wall to take 1800 bath/shower. I'm putting studs using bathroom boards at each end to bring the 2100 down to 1800ish (just over), but the stud at the taps end will cover that whole wall to lose the pipework for new sink/toilet also. The face of the tiles infringing on the plan/footprint of...
  7. M

    Veritas 8 Alarm Panel Cover Removal - Help Pleasey

    Hi folks hoping someone can help with this quandary... I Moved into a house with an old Veritas alarm which seems to need a new battery, but I cant get the alarm box front panel off. It has two white plastic lug type fittings with a flat head slot. These just turn to 4 positions but none of...
  8. B

    Geberit concealed flush panel identification and opening

    I'm trying to identify which Geberit flush panel this is: I think it is an Omega 20? If this is the case, I think I'm supposed to open it by pulling the right edge towards me, then sliding the whole thing left as per these instructions. But I don't want to break it, and it's not opening...
  9. D

    Shelving Covers (Using acrylic panels)

    Hi, looking for some advice or ideas to make a project I have in mind come to life. I am looking to add clear acrylic covers to the shelving I have attached an image of below. Purpose: cover the fronts of my shelving to stop dust gathering on my ornaments, while also looking aesthetically like a...
  10. D

    scantronic panel panel reset

    Have a scantronic panel (white panel with 2 screws at the top) with a keypad (929) photo attached. I need to know how to reset it as I cant remember the passcode to do anything with it. Tried earlier and the alarm went off so had to disconnect the sounder. Anyone able to help ?
  11. R

    Undercounter integrated fridge wooden panel

    The fridge I inherited with my house has conked out and at about 20 years old, I told it shouldn’t be repaired. I would like to replace it and be able to move a wooden decorative panel to the new fridge to keep the kitchen looking tidy as a white fridge would stand out like a sore thumb! The...
  12. DrWho

    Bath Panel gap both ends.

    A new plastic bath panel is being fitted against a plasterboard wall, the gap at both ends requires sealed, is painters caulk the preferred seal? This is the old panel I've shown here and work to be done after the new panel has been fitted.
  13. bettz1

    Best tool to cut Bath Panel Mdf

    Finally getting round to changing the bath panel from a cheap plastic front to a wooden mdf front. I'm a bit nervous about cutting it down,what tool would be best to do the job? Dad mentioned a jigsaw ?? Heavy duty saw Hacksaw Circular saw Any ideas?
  14. DrWho

    New Bath Panel fitted

    Had a new side bath panel fitted, the room has lino laid, the builder customer care guy who fitted the new long side and short end side looks to have used the same white sealant on the wall end as he has along the bottom of the bath panel, should he not have used painters caulk for the end...
  15. D

    Internal pine 15 panel glazed door - sagged - fix or replace?

    I put 12kg of bevelled glass in it, a long time back, and it's sagged now, also the botton horizontal has a small split along the grain which probably didn't help much in keeping it square. I would rather buy another and just transfer the glass if anyone knows where I might get one, probably...
  16. O

    Advice on concealed cistern installation

    Hi, I am having a new bathroom installed and would like to save space (and avoid building a box) by using one of these: The WC will be wall-hung and according to the product spec, only 9cm is needed...
  17. D1l1th1um

    Wood panel removal

    Hi, What would be the best way (or is there a tool) to remove the wood paneling from the bathroom wall, please? Stuff like knives and wall-paper strippers just bend, if I get any leverage, and my crowbar is too thick to get in behind each panel. I'm presuming it was glued on. I can't see any...
  18. D


  19. P

    New bath required, P or L shape?

    Hey All, Happy new year! We`re building a new bathroom and we`re considering a whirlpool bath with shower. Am considering an P or L shaped. I`m concerned that a few years down the line the shower screen will leak or someone will crack the side panel and will be a right pain to find a...
  20. A

    Pyronix Enforcer ext bell and ctrl panel problem

    Hi guys, I’m really hoping someone can help me with this My Pyronix Enforcer has stopped working properly. It began with a false alarm whilst I was out all day (pet got into living room), alarm sounded as normal - neighbour called me to let me know it was sounding. This went on for most of the...