1. WinstonFromOceania

    How important is the exact part number in a replacement bumper?

    Dear community, I need to replace the rear bumper of my Golf 8. I was looking for some matching replacement bumpers online to see if I can save some money instead of having to go through the painting process in a garage on a new bumper. I ffound some possible matches, but upon checking the part...
  2. J

    Looking for advice on replacing blown panes in a timber frame

    We are about to move into a house with original timber frames that are 27 years old. Many panes have blown, and all will likely follow in time. Our current thinking is to keep the timber frame and just replace the panes (and not replace everything with uPVC). But we are struggling to get a...
  3. S

    Can you place an integrated dishwasher in an under counter free standing appliance space?

    Wondering if can place an integrated dishwasher in an under counter space, that is basically for a free standing appliance. The reason being is a free standing dishwasher is going to petrude about 4cm out beyond the counter and surrounding cupboards. An integrated dishwasher in the same space...
  4. Matt&g

    Wooden blocks under internal beam replacing?

    Was just taking back a wall in my place back to brick (removing all the cement from the soft red bricks ) planning to leave them exposed bricks. Ive noticed tho in 2 spots where there are 2 wooden blocks under the wooden beams/ lintel where the property was more than likely extended years ago...
  5. T

    How to change GU10 bulb (fitting stuck?)

    Not sure if this is a dumb question.. how do I remove the bulb from the pictured fitting? I think it should twist maybe but it seems completely solid. Thanks!
  6. S

    Replacing a light switch

    Hello all, I am sure I am not first person to ask this on this forum... But can't find a post that matches my requirements I am looking to replace a double switch in a 1970s house but the wiring is a little confusing. Normally, I would replace like-for-like but the old switch doesn't have the...
  7. M

    Replacing Entry phone Bitron AN0002 with Fermax 3431 Universal Handset

    Seeking assistance on replacing a Bitron AN0002 with a Fermax 3431 which I thought would be a straight swap, but having a difficulty and hoping someone can help. The Bitron AN0002 has 6 wires C7 – no wire 11 - 2 wires (green with white, white with green) 1 - 1 wire (blue with white) 2 - 1...
  8. L

    Replacing mains water supply pipe

    I need to replace my mains water supply pipe, in my 1949 house, due to the second leak in 3 years. After the first leak the pipe was repaired in two places as the leak wasn't where they though it was. This new leak is near where the first real leak was so the repair may have failed or a new hole...
  9. Norfolk Broad

    Replacing a hot water cylinder with under sink water heater

    Hello all I'm returning to DIYNOT after a long hiatus and lapsed account. As ever, I only come on here if I want to know something or (as in this case) to reaffirm a decision I am about to make. I'm in the process of buying a one bedroom first floor flat, built c.1990. It's on E7 supply...
  10. A

    Leave 22mm or replace

    I've replaced my old radiators and rejigged where they sit in the rooms (two smaller spread apart rather than one huge). The existing system now has a 4m length of 22mm that feeds two radiators and just doesn't need to be that size. Would the system run better with the pipe reduced to 15mm or...
  11. H

    replacing upvc internal sill with wood

    Hi there, we've recently moved into a new house - there are some good new-ish upvc windows but the wide upvc trim and internal sills which don't look great so we want to replace them with pine versions. The trim has come out quite easily but it seems like the internal sill is screwed in somehow...
  12. J

    Replacing main water pipe Anglia water. what to use. Help

    Hi Everyone. I made request to Anglia water to replace my lead pipe with a new polyethylene pipe. They sent me instruction on how the pipe should be laid but I`m struggling to source material at moment. I have attached guide for your reference. They suggest a 25mm pipe. Is this good enough...
  13. V

    Replacing a double socket

    I need to replace this double socket, but the replacement is slightly different to the old one and not sure if I need to add a new earth cable going to the box please? Here is a picture of the existing socket that needs replacing: and here is the new socket:
  14. J

    Replace a yale cylinder on a UVPC door without key

    Hi, I got my internal porch door which I 'm unable to find the key anymore. The door is already unlocked but the cylinder won't come out as usually the pin inside keeps it stuck. On youtube, a guy snaps it on both sides but to be honest I'm worried to apply a lot of force as I will be damaging...
  15. T

    replace double dimmer with normal switch

    hi, we have a double dimmer switch in the conservatory that I'd like to replace with simple switches. it is wired as per the attached photos. do I need to buy any special kind of 2 gang switch? is the wiring straight forward to swap to the new switch? many thanks.
  16. Ben-v

    Replacing floor joist with concrete slab

    Hi, My partner and I are having an extension on the back of our house and we would like UFH throughout the downstairs. Most UFH systems I have found aren’t the best for wooden floorboards and the floor height would raise substantially, so I was wondering about the feasibility of replacing the...
  17. S

    REplace combicare scale inhibitor cartridge

    Hi all, how do you replace this beast? is it a simple swap? do I need to do anything complex like bleed pipes etc? thanks. pic attached
  18. G

    Replacing Old Single with New Double. 10mm width difference + inlet/outlet question?

    I've got an existing Single radiator in a reasonably large bedroom that is 740mm wide and 620mm high. It doesn't really put out enough heat and is on an external wall. It has a TRV right side and normal valve left. Pipe centres are 820mm. I want to replace it with a double and plan to reuse...
  19. J

    Replacing a Concrete for back into a Timber floor

    Hi, I recently had a visit from a guy off my builder and was told that to get rid of the damp in the walls i must replace the concrete floor in each room for a timber one seeing as this once was a property that once had a timber floor throughout. I asked if it was possible just to run a channel...
  20. P

    Replacing existing show pump In loft

    Hello Looking for a bit of advise before next step. Moved in earlier this year. House is 4 bed, 1 bathroom 2 ensuites. Extension has 1 of the ensuites which has a shower pump lovating in the loft above. I’ve attached a basic,but hopefully clea, diagram of how the shower/pump is plumbed in...