1. R

    Sealing easifill

    I skimmed over part of the wall next to a door with easifill on an area about 20cm x 90cm because it wasn’t level with the door frame. Its a bit softer than skim so I was wondering if there is any way to seal it against moisture and toughen it up a bit before I paint it?
  2. S

    En-suite ceiling - slight bulge of 3mm and to re-plaster

    I am refurbishing my en-suite and one job is to get the sparky in to move the ceiling lights to better positions. Generally speaking the ceiling is not in great condition and so I am looking at re-skimming it to tidy it all up I used a straight edge to check how flat the ceiling is and there is...
  3. D

    Hardwall job materials calculator

    Is there a reliable online materials calculator? Actual areas without addition to be on the safe side etc are: hardwall - 10m² skim - 20.7m² This presumes that hardwall needs a skim finish.
  4. cwhaley

    Skim Coat - Walls meet Ceiling

    I've battened out the walls in my extension and fixed boards to them with 2-3mm gaps. I'm pleased with the finish as they're all solid and level so I'm going to skim the walls. I have skimmed a few areas I dry-lined once (bay window and small storage room) and was happy with the results. I am...
  5. D

    Replacing plasterboard and boarding to existing skim coat and joints

    Hey Everyone, So I have skimmed plasterboard before and can do that pretty well. But I had a partition put up and that was boarded and skimmed. I have had to rip a section out this weekend as I wanted to lay some pipework into the wall. As you can see from the attached picture I just ripped...
  6. jbquality

    Seeing 'steps' on the wall, need fix pleeeease

    Hello! So decided to redecorate a bedroom ourselves. Removed wallpaper, scrubbed, sanded, cleaned, primed, skimmed and one coat of primer/undercoat. My issue is I have a few areas where I can see 'steps' from where I've skimmed, my fault for not sanding well enough in these areas. Can I use...
  7. S

    plasterboard alignment with surrounds

    Hi guys, About to plasterboard a stud wall under my stairs (cloakroom WC). As you can see there is a lip of the stairway protruding past the studs..deliberately to allow plasterboard and skim. Call it poor planning or just a wonky stairs but I incorrectly assumed the protruding edgeswas same...
  8. K

    DIY skimming over walls, should I attempt?

    Hi All, like to think I'm generally competent diyer, though regards to plastering have only ever patched up existing blown plaster. correction: 13 years ago dot dabbed drylined garage to room conversion and tapped all joints before pro plasterer called in , he was complementary of my work...
  9. D

    skim or dryline + skim etc prices?

    Can anyone help me with this? The online calculators are pretty basic and don't really do the job. Am in a reasonably prosperous town in Wales. Have had prices of 1.5k and 2k? Any help would be appreciated. 5x4x2.3m room. How much is reasonable to pay for: A) 2 coat skim on pre boarded TE...
  10. K

    Fixing wall - best compound to use?

    Hi, i've repaired this section of wall and built up with sand/cement.. i need to bring up as a finish filling a depth of around 2.5cm and then paint same as rest of the wall... whats the best method? Thanks in advance!
  11. C

    Skimmed - Very poor finish

    Hi, Looking for some advice. I've had 2 guys skim the hall, ceiling and landing this week. My usual guy was unavailable and so I used someone from a rated website who had excellent reviews and plenty of them. The results can be seen in the pictures. I've called the guy and he was apologetic...
  12. W

    Skimming old plaster

    We've just stripped one of our rooms right back to the old plaster (walls are plaster on brick) and plan to skim over the top. I have 2 questions: We've knocked out a small patch of lose plaster right back to the brick. Can we patch this with some plasterboard and fill before the skim coat? Or...
  13. D

    Is it ok to skim over emulsion

    I've been tucked up by a plasterer, scrim showing through the skim etc, on a sloping area of ceiling. I dug out a few spots, very thin. I remember the guy standing back from the job whilst he was doing the wall and saying that it didn't look too bad, and I had to agree that it didn't but I think...
  14. derekphl

    Plastering on blown substrate

    I've been working on a room where I removed the chimney breast and various bits and pieces. Having attached insulation backed board to one wall, over-boarded the ceiling and stripped the wallpaper off the remaining walls I have now started to plaster skim each surface. Yesterday I did my first...
  15. L

    Silicone on painted ceiling

    Hello there, can I please have some advice. I have a tiled bathroom to the ceiling all around. The ceiling is plasterboard, skimmed and painted. I have siliconed all around where the tiles and the ceiling meets. I have painted the ceiling before the tiles went up (might have been where it went...