1. G

    Repointing slate dpc

    Hi Have recently repointed my west facing (prevailing weather) wall and it all went well. I'm not sure what to do with the dpc course though. It's slate but has come away with the old pointing in places (I've not raked it out). It feels like a bad idea to point over it and create a moisture...
  2. E

    Leaking Front Porch

    Hi all, I bought a home in March 2023 and noticed recently after heavy rain that the front entrance to the property is allowing water to enter above the front door. From the photos attached, I have shown the front door and the square shaped entrance. I have attached photos from the outside...
  3. C

    How to fill the gap between hearth and floating engineer floor?

    I want to fill the gap between a slate hearth, and a floating engineered oak wooden floor. We have a wood burner, and ash has a tendency to find its way into the gap. How should the gap be filled please? Thanks
  4. Rageyboy91

    Laying a slate hearth on limecrete.

    Hey guys, I have a chunk of slate comming for my hearth, 30mm thick, I'm setting it above the laminate so I created a concrete bed around 2cm, so the boards will slide under to create a nice finish. But I'm not sure what to use to stick it down, I want about 5mm, I was thinking flexible tile...
  5. G

    Can I buy and replace a cracked roof tile?

    I'm not sure where I can buy roof slates? If I get them would I need to cut to size? Is it better to just get a roofer to do it? It's only a ground floor annex, these things fall off from time to time so it may be a good skill to learn. Thanks for any help you can give me
  6. A

    Advice on roof needed please.

    Hello all, I've taken a photo of my roof after hearing the slates rattling in the high winds whilst I was in the attic earlier tonight. There's no leaks in the attic. Is it normal for a slate roof to look like this? Or does the roof need repairing/replacing? Any advice is greatly appreciated...
  7. I

    Used Redland Cambrian Tiles

    I've constructed a 2.1m x 1.2m kitchen canopy (35 degree pitch) and I'm thinking of roofing it with Redland Cambrian tiles, so estimate about 40 required. If I can't get new ones (I'm told there is a UK tile shortage!) I might have to go for used ones, as there seem to be plenty on Ebay. I'm...
  8. A

    Slate roof gutter between neighbours

    Got a quote for my roof to be refelted with breathable felt, new battens and the original slates reattached with recon slates where needed. Needed as no ventilation to the roof space and numerous slates have slipped. My slates are a completly different size to the neighbours and the tie in is...
  9. R

    Fixing a slipped slate

    I live in a bungalow and a roof slate, from near the ridge, has slipped completely off the roof. I called a few roofers, one didn't return my call and the other, understandably, wouldn't just return the slate to its rightful place. They would also have to check the roof for any other issues and...
  10. L

    How bad is this?

    Two semi detached Edwardian villas in Liverpool turned in to flats decades ago. Pictures are of roof at my house with wooden capping board sitting along edge of slates. This is a design common to houses of this region and period. Second picture shows neighbours roof after replacement of...
  11. R

    Fibre cement slates - sizes confusion

    Hi all, newbie here. About to try my hand at some roofing on a new shed. Wanting it to look good and last forever, I have gone for 600x300 fibre cement slates. Perhaps I am going mad, but I cannot for the life of me find a supplier of Slate-and-a-half slates to use on the verges. They all seem...
  12. W

    Flashing into stone

    I’m about to start work on converting and extending an old stone barn. Ground floor extension is due to be flashed into a round stone wall (external of turret style room) for a short section above the door (see picture). Surface of stonework is irregular and curved (see picture) which makes...
  13. S

    Slate roof redone, does this look right?

    Just had the original Welsh slate removed, felt and new battens. The original slate and additional reclaimed slates laid. Called the roofer back as the eaves didn't look right and a gap is now evident behind barge boards. Gaps under slates on eaves. Gap behind fascia board (that's an old...
  14. A

    How to repair gable end slipped slate?

    I have 1940s semi where a gable end slate which is midway has slipped and some other slates on the same gable end which have become offset probably due to the highwinds we had lately. I Also had the gable end barge board replaced last year with a pvc facia. Whats the best way to fix these...
  15. L

    New roof cost

    Hello everyone, new to the forum, ive just moved into a property and my attention has now turned to the roof, I knew the roof wasn't in great shape when I bought the house and throughout the years there is evidence of repair jobs and replaced tiles. The house was built somewhere between the...
  16. C

    Slate floor tiling advice

    Hi all, New to the forum but just about to commence a full refurb on a house. Need a bit of advice on whether it is possible to lay slate tiles in our soon to be created, knocked through, kitchen diner. The sub floors differ so I wonder if anyone has encountered a similar issue. The kitchen...
  17. eveares

    Thin Slate Worktop (1500mm x 460 mm) How much will cost?

    I want to get a thin (5-15mm) slate worktop for my bathroom as the water what splashes up from my recessed sink is starting to ruin the top of the cabinets around my sink. I need it to be 1500mm x 460mm and want a smooth raw slate finish - a bit like slate roof tiles. Thus my questions are...
  18. D

    Replacing cracked fibre cement tiles

    Hi, We recently had some work done on our house and the guys ladders broke a few of the fibre cement tiles right at the bottom by the gutter. Annoying, but as it was only a few broken I planned to just do it myself. Has to be done as the break means that the water will miss the gutter. They're...
  19. meb97me

    Slate Roof Verge Detail Advice

    Hi I'd welcome some advice in regards to the slate roof verge detail required on my new garage build. I'm clear on the setting out & fitting process for the battens & tiles it's just the detail of verge I'm a bit unclear on. Would someone be so kind as to point me in the direction of a decent...
  20. S

    Where to buy these split face tiles ....

    Hi, Does anyone know where I could get these exact tiles from? This sample is from Al-murad, however each time I go in their price changes. Was trying to find like for like online so I can compare pricing. Thanks