1. S

    Can I get a dual channel thermostat with this setup?

    This is the wiring block on my Worcester Greenstar 27ri boiler. I just want to check that a dual channel Nest Heat Link will work with it? If it's simple to wire up, a nudge in the right direction would also be massively appreciated. Thanks very much, Simon
  2. Robert McMillan

    Drayton Digistat 4 replacement

    I'm thinking of replacing my old digi stat 4 with a more modern (possibly with Alexa controls) thermostat, as I live in rented accommodation I can't do any wiring so just replacing my stat will have to do. Behind my current stat I only have two wires going to the pins on the backplate one red...
  3. S

    Help wiring a new thermostat (Meross MTS200B)

    I am replacing my old Drayton RTS1 thermostat with the Meross MTS200B and I don't get the heating switching on. I thought it was going to be straightforward but at this point better to ask for help than screwing something. The old thermostat wiring is this one: The new thermostat has this...
  4. Chris J

    Wiring help.

    RM Cylinders dual thermostat can it be wired to operate as a on and off for a zone valve with out any connection to the programmer/control of the boiler ? If yes how would it need to be wired?
  5. A

    Salus RT500bc not sending signal please help we are cold

    Suddenly the thermostat has stopped sending signal to put the heating on. I’ve tried changing the batteries.. The red light is flashing on the receiver and on auto. I’ve tried turning everything on and off again . Its not kicking in when I turn the temperature up on the thermostat the flame...
  6. M

    potterton prt2 thermostat not responding to temperature

    Hi, I have an old style back boiler and can't get my ch work. The dial on the thermostat is on maximum but heating comes on only when it's extremely cold. Hot water works ok. I'm thinking the thermostat could get dusty inside as we did some plastering but no changes after I cleaned it. I...
  7. M

    Storage Heater - thermostat question

    I have a 2.5kw Creda 79351 that looks to have recently burnt out its neutral wire at the 13A wall switch, the fuse looked to be ok. I'm presuming it's an overheating issue of some sort and that the thermostat is at fault but wanted to confirm. The thermal fuselink is intact. The resistance on...
  8. Bambo

    Two zone Central heating How to use HIVE and wired thermostat??

    I have just bought hive single zone kit including hub. I have underfloor water heating in one zone, which I intend to control via hive thermostat. This would have its own two port valve. The second zone is upstairs with radiators, with a dedicated 2 port valve. I plan to control this via a...
  9. A

    Connecting Salus RT500 to Remeha bolier

    I have a problem that I would really appreciate help with, I have a Remeha Avanta Plus combi bolier and need to connect a Salus Rt 500RF too it. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.
  10. Seb Pole


    I am currently looking at installing a HIVE Active heating control unit to replace a Danfoss TP5. I currently have a 3 core and earth cable running to the existing heating controls (battery powered unit) I have attached my existing wiring diagram and the HIVE wiring diagram. Please also see...
  11. K


    Hi. I'm new to this forum. Can any one help . I'm planing to replace thermostat Honeywell T40 to new one digital. How to wire new one there is only two cables on old one. Pictures attached. Thanks
  12. T

    Help Wiring Hive Receiver

    Hi All, We're in an absolute mess. Recently we've had a plumber come out to fix our heating and hot water. Both had stopped working. The first time he came, he changed a pump. This fixed the hot water - but the heating wasn't working. About a month later, he installed two new valves (Drayton &...
  13. D

    Boiler only works on Timer

    Hi, I have a Vokera Easi-Heat Plus which was working perfectly until i had a electrical safety certificate. Now the central heating only works on the timer and not manually on the thermostat. Hot Water also fine. Any assistance gratefully received. Thanks
  14. B

    Honeywell DT90E Constant Clicking

    Good Morning, I replaced all my old unipor mechanical thermostats with the Honeywell DT90E's a few months ago. All was going well until the one in the room that uses the most heat started constantly clicking on off like a clock. I read on here that if a reset doesn't fix it then the thermostat...
  15. P

    Thermostat installation - Salus rt500rf with Boiler Ideal Classic rs500

    Hi. I am changing to a wireless thermostat Salus rt500rf and my boiler is the Ideal Classic RS500. I have 6 wires from previous programer (2 x black, 2 x red, 2 x earth). I have tried two wiring ways, but got same result. Trial 1- put the mains live and neutral in the "L" and "N", than a loop...
  16. H

    Disconnecting old thermostat so boiler keeps boiling.

    Hello... I've spent ages looking at this and cannot figure it out. I have replaced my old boiler timer for a Hive Wireless. The replacement was simple the old timer pulled off and the new one fitted on the old faceplate. I set it all up and it's great! But my reason for replacing it in the...
  17. M

    Nest Installation Help – Lots of Pics!

    Hi guys, First off sorry for the long post! So a couple of a weeks ago I bought two of the new 3rd gen (with hot water control) Nest thermostats, and yesterday was meant to be the day of installation (I paid for professional installation direct from Nest). The guy (from a company called HCM...