1. TeessideGal

    Burlington thermostatic valve tiled in!!!

    I’m trying to remove the brass thermostatic valve, per original instructions. Managed to get everything off to find the retaining sleeves completely tiled and grouted in. Had a “professional “ do tiling, and a plumber do the plumbing 10 years ago. Question: do I have to break through the...
  2. Moonhead

    Tiling prep advice - rendered wall

    Currently ripping the old tiles out of our bathroom and they are attached to this surface. It looks like render or a bonding coat. Can I stick my new tiles straight onto this or does it need prep like tile backing board? It's a very small space so ideally I want to minimise any increase in the...
  3. D

    Subfloor advice for tiling

    I am looking for some advice on suitable bathroom subfloors on joists. I have had a look on the forum, and am struggling to find an answer. Currently the bathroom subfloor is some kind of 18mm chipboard screwed onto the joists (400mm centres). Previously carpet was laid on top of this so...
  4. D

    Help… where is the architrave supposed to go?

    Hi Currently getting my bathroom done and I let the person know I wanted the old architraves removing and new ones fitting eventually because I’m getting new doors put in at the end of the month… only thing is, they have tiled right up to the frame with only a small gap? And the wall is half...
  5. A

    Preparing an uneven stone hearth for tiling

    Hello, I have knocked out a fireplace (with great help from this group). It will only be decorative. The builders opening will all be boarded and skimmed. I would like to tile the old hearth (removing it is not an option, and neither is keeping it- drill holes). What would be the best way to...
  6. S

    Bathroom floor re-build - levelling and sub-floor material?

    I've just ripped out the 1st floor bathroom in my 1920's terraced house in the UK which invovled replacing a floor joist that had rotten at the end. It sits in the brick wall at either end so I've been able to level that and get it to the height of the neighbouring joist by packing slate...
  7. J

    Battening walls

    Hi I’ve got 3 different types of wall to batten. Just wondering what the best approach is going to be (mainly which wood to get) Wall 1: Batten wall on single skin brick to hold 100mm insulation for garage conversion. From reading round the forums it seems 50x100 c16 is the way to go. Wall 2...
  8. F

    Bathroom; where skim meets tile

    Hi all, Would just like to run my plan of attack for my new upstairs shower room past some people with experience! I've trawled the internet and think I've came up with the right order for doing things. Any info or advice is more than welcome! Shower room has vapour board around all...
  9. W

    Floor tile adhesive

    Hi Can anyone recommend the best adhesive for large format porcelain floor tiles in a kitchen? Also, is there a particular brand of latex (for the floor) that I should get? Thanks
  10. T

    What grout to buy for bathroom renovation?

    Hi, we are renovating our family bathroom and the tiler is currently fitting tiles on both floor and walls. I now need to buy the grout for the tiler. Our tile joints are 2-3mm. He said to just go to Topps Tiles and buy their grouting as it is good. But I wanted to see if that's actually good...
  11. M

    should i tank this area in my wetroom or not?

    Hi, all I have just finished my wetroom and tanked all areas, to my understanding because this is a wetroom, therefore, all areas should be tanked. However, I have created a large concrete step that is spirit levelled and my worry is if I tank this area then should any water ingress via...
  12. M

    Best Epoxy Grout to use please? for wetroom.

    Hi all, Just finished, tanked and tiled the wet room. Would like to use epoxy grout. Does anyone have any recommendations, please? I have all the cleaning at hand because of the haze epoxy causes on surfaces, so ready for. I just need something waterproof and resistant with a reasonable...
  13. S

    Shower riser kit plinth set to finished floor height?

    Am I correct in thinking that the plinth of a riser kit should rest over the floor tiles i.e. the bottom of the plinth is set to the finished floor height, with the end of the tile run just tucking underneath? If the above is the case, then I assume that the edge of the tile stops before the...
  14. M

    tiling around a kitchen island

    I'm planning on putting in a kitchen island that sits on a tiled rectangle. My plan was to install the island cabinets, tile around these then install the end panels and plinths. I don't have enough tiles to tile the whole rectangle. Does that sound like it will work ok? Thanks
  15. G

    Tiling 45deg corner with stone cladding - how to cut

    hi guys I've started tiling my media wall with stone cladding and hit a brick wall. I need to tile the corners and since the cladding I've bought doesn't offer corner tiles I will need to cut it myself. Normal 45 deg cut won't work as the cladding I have varies in thickness (stone-like effect)...
  16. H

    Tiles fit down side of shower tray.

    Hi, I'm redoing my ensuite and through an accumulation of a victorian plumbing shower tray being 890 instead of 900 advertised and my tiles being 6mm instead of 10.2mm like advertised the tiles slot down both sides of the tray. What can I do to get over this as I belive the tiles need to drop...
  17. M

    Wet-Room Tanking/full water proof

    Hi guys, I am in the final process of completing my wetroom prep before tiling. All that is needed is the waterproofing and my mortar bed slope to the linear drain. I have applied waterproof backer boards, now I am ready for tanking/waterproofing. My question is should I fully Tank my backer...
  18. M

    Prep bathroom walls for painting

    Howdy! Our 6x6foot bathroom is currently tiled up bottom to top all the walls. These tiles are probably 40+ years old and easy to remove. The wall behind is quite smooth with the old plaster in place - not much damage apart from few places with "deeper holes". I'm going to retile around the...
  19. S

    Plasterboard or tile backer board - experts needed??

    Evening, I am stripping and recreating my bathroom as my disabled daughter needs a walk-in-shower with supports, rather than just the over-the-bath shower we have at the moment. The bathroom is VERY small, so space is everything. I have stripped back all the tiles, plaster and render back to...
  20. C

    Replacing bathroom floor tiling - wet underfloor heating installed

    We're looking to redo one of our bathrooms including a full re-tile, but the house has wet underfloor heating throughout which gives me pause for thought. How is the underfloor plastic piping likely to be set below the floor tiling and is there a risk that removing the existing tiles will...