1. B

    CCTV Single Camera to iPhone? - recommendations?

    I'm just looking at some CCTV Cameras as we want just one simple model for our Garage that looks down our driveway for security. There looks like there are lots of models to choose from now but just wanted anyone's advice before I dive in, buy and put one up. I don't have a large budget, and...
  2. S

    Advice on WAP in home office please

    Hi all after hijacking this post https://www.diynot.com/diy/threads/cat-6-and-wireless-access-points.609318/page-2#post-5500163 Back story: we have a house with a 50m garden At the front we have a fibre set up- Trooli fibre to door 300mb/s Speeds around the house are pretty good but when you...
  3. D

    Use a 3 way WiFi switch for a single light?

    Hi all, I have a couple of spare 3 way smart switches. I have a single light switch in my shed and thought I might as well make it 'smart'! So I wondered if I can use my old 3 way smart switch... I've attached a picture of the wiring for the existing switch, a pic of the back of the smart 3-way...
  4. L

    Lighting ideas

    Hi, I have around and over bed wardrobes. The over bed units are 1600mm wide and the bed is ~1400mm wide so I have some filler strips either side (the bed is not right back against the wall as there is a slim shelf). I want to put some recessed LEDs in the side filler strips and some "puck"...
  5. Norfolk Broad

    Smart switch for old storage heaters?

    Hello everyone I've posted elsewhere about a one bedroom flat I've recently bought with night storage heaters. As I don't stay there all the time, I'm looking for a means to remotely monitor the temperature over winter and, if possible, switch the heaters on and off. I don't want to get into...
  6. D

    New aerial type?

    I lost the signal from my 30yr old aerial, it was pointed straight at a booster station a few km off. I turned the tv on to see what gives whilst I tinker with the aerial; when I disconnected the coax from the aerial the visual/audio returned? But the signal vanished when I reconnected to the...
  7. F

    Pros / Cons of programmable radiator valves

    Hi, We are getting a new Ideal Boiler (not combi) fitted into a 3 storey town house. It has a 2 zone system - split for downstairs / 2 upper floors. We have bought 2 Nest thermostats, one for each zone. In the downstairs zone all but the cloakroom rad have existing Myson TRVs. As part of the...
  8. D

    Remote control of heating without Nest/Hive or similar

    Sorry this is so long! Situation: I'm often away from home for a week or more, and want to be able to switch the heating on before I return - but I don't want to go the full Nest/Hive etc or rely on a third-party service. My last place had a combi gas boiler which fired on demand, if either...
  9. R

    Samsung EHS control board rs-232 serial interface

    Very specific question here for folks who have owned / installed a Samsung EHS Monobloc heat pump. I'm looking to buy one myself in a month or two, but am scoping out possibilities of monitoring this appliance locally using a self-hosted platform (home assistant, for the curious). I am aware...
  10. A

    Simple wifi control for boiler

    Hi, Looking for some advice please. My current set up is as follows : Conventional gas boiler with a flash immersat timer switch, heats the rads and hot water tank. There is one thermostat in hall which will switch off rads when temperature exceeded. I would like to have a wifi timer switch...
  11. S

    Recommendations: new wireless system with sensor, camera and Google integration

    Hi About to move to a new property. Looking for a DIY system including cameras , sensors and ideally Google home integration. Sensors need to be pet friendly. Ideally predominantly wireless though will wire some elements of needed Recommendations appreciated.
  12. M

    Extending telephone line to back of the house for WIFI

    In a ground floor victorian terrace flat with the master socket at the front, is the best way to get a decent WIFI signal in the rear of the flat simply to extend the telephone line and plug a second router in there? I've considered alternatives like WIFI signal boosters or a 'stronger' router...
  13. KDMcM

    Radiator Thermometer Network

    After I flushed my system recently and replaced a couple of the TRVs, I struggled to re-balance it. There were 2 rads which wouldn't warm up for ages after the rest. I had been unaware that my system would need re balancing. There must have been some serious crud in the pipes. I learned on this...
  14. P

    Combined RGBW LED strip power supply & controller

    I’m installing some IP68 RGBW LED strips in a bathroom ceiling where the centre part of the ceiling is dropped slightly to create a wall wash effect around the perimeter of the room. Strips will connect to a centre point above the ceiling. Ideally I’d like to find a combined LED controller &...
  15. S

    Wireless Mains Switch on CH Timer

    Hi, I recently bought a couple of WiFi mains switch boxes which just connect live and neutral from the input across to output when operated. One will be used to control our porch light and I would like to control the house CH with the other one, if that's possible. A bit of a Hive-on-the-cheap...
  16. P

    New Pyronix Wifi Camera's

    Hi, I have an Enforcer V10 system and have been looking at adding the new Pyronix Wifi Cameras (specifically the outdoor mini-domes). I was wondering if anybody has any experience with them (as they are so new). I know they have a sd card and you can access the video via the new app just...
  17. T

    Pyronix Enforcer not showing WiFi

    Hi all First time poster here. I recently bought a Pyronix Enforcer kit for a DIY install. I've wired the Enforcer V10 to the mains and connected the battery and every other connection. All seems to working fine but the Digi-WiFi doesn't seem to be registering. There are no options in the...
  18. E

    Pyronix enforcer v9 digi wifi?

    HI I know the Enforcer V10 has Digi Wifi but can this board be programmed into the V9. Or does the V9 need updating to V10? how is this done?
  19. dilalio

    CCTV with intercom for garden office

    morning all. I'm usually found in the plumbing forum so first time here... howdy (y) I have a largish lodge type building at the end of my garden which my sons use for drumming and gaming and generally keeping out of our way. When I built it several years ago, I ran 4 or 5 strands of Cat5e down...