1. R

    Wiser Smart TRV Issues

    There appears to be a few posts on Wiser TRV's. Ridiculous flaw in the Drayton Wiser system This one is for schedules changing and opening vales at the wrong time. and another on the schieder wiser forum. Wiser TRV not fully closing I have a system with 9 x smart TRV's fitter Oct 22. All...
  2. G

    Installation of Drayton Wiser system

    My first post in this thread. I wanted better control of a panel heater in main bedroom. Downstairs is heated by ASHP to water underfloor heating. Upstairs by panel heaters with no timing facilities. Space limitations meant I couldn’t find the right size panel heater with a timer for...
  3. G

    Central Heating won't come on at all or needs HW on!

    We have a regularly WB boiler (with a Megaflo for HW, 14 rads mainly with TRVs and Wiser controls) and are having 2 distinct problems. Firstly, must add that following a misdiagnosis by BGAS about 3 months ago WB came out to check the boiler and it was fine then - it was subsequently serviced...
  4. ChrisUk81

    Drayton wise with Potterton Gold Combi 24 HE A

    I need to connect a drayton wiser controller to a boiler Potterton Gold Combi 24 HE A. Can you please advise on the wiring scheme? Please see the wiring picture of the Potterton Gold Combi 24 HE A
  5. V

    Drayton Wiser 3 Zone System Installation

    Hello, I am trying to replace a Danfoss system with the Drayton Wiser 3 zone setup. The house currently has a gas boiler controlled by Danfoss TP9000MA which controls the heating downstairs and hot water. This box has an external temperature sensor on the wall which is wired back to the unit...
  6. W

    Ridiculous flaw in the Drayton Wiser system

    I came accross what I consider a ridiculous flaw in the Drayton Wiser system which I have requested Drayton to address. I had deactivated the schedules for all rooms while the system was being worked on so no rooms had an assigned climate schedule. The system had been fine in this off state for...
  7. I

    Honeywell to Wiser Drayton

    Hello, moved into a place that has Honeywell for heating fitted (don't know model number) - there is 2 zones for heating... I am trying to find out how to map from this to Wiser Drayton... Would really appreciate your inputs, planning to switch over Friday this week.
  8. J

    Drayton Wiser and boiler cycling at low demand

    Hi everyone, hoping there are some knowledgeable people here who can help me understand what's going on with my Wiser and boiler setup, and hopefully reassure me that it's not causing unnecessary wear and tear on my boiler... Boiler is a Worcester Greenstar 30 CDi Classic Regular ErP and I...
  9. F

    Secure Channelplus H27XL to Drayton Wiser Hub (WT734R)

    Hi, I've got Secure ChannePlus H27XL which I want to swap with Drayton Wiser Hub (WT734R - three channel) Could anyone please help me with the wiring of these below? (N & L I can see how to wire clearly) Here is a diagram for Secure ChannelPlus H27XL: And here is a diagram for Drayton Wiser...
  10. A

    Change of heating controller - wiring question

    Hi, I could use some advice on how to convert my current heating system to the Wiser platform please. I currently have a combi boiler which provides both heating and hot water from its ‘heating’ circuit (the separate ‘hot water’ circuit is used to provide hot water to a part of the house not...
  11. A

    New Build - Dual Zone conversion to Single for Drayton Wiser

    All - hoping for some guidance please on wiring up a new Drayton Wiser system to what I believe is an "S Plan" system. I live in a new build, with an Ideal Logic Combi 35 downstairs, with 2 heating zones - one for downstairs, one for upstairs. There is a (wired) battery powered ESI ESRTP4...
  12. R

    Drayton Wiser & Baxi - Opentherm Installation Issues

    Hi, I've joined because I have a lot of trouble with trying to make my new boiler work with the Opentherm interface and thought someone with more experience than me could help. Equipment: Drayton Wiser - Single Channel Programmer with Opentherm module. Baxi 836 Combi boiler with Opentherm...
  13. D

    Central heating programmer wiring

    I've got a static caravan with a Morco GB24ErP combi boiler, which has a built in tappet style timer for CH. I wish to add a Drayton Wiser system so as to have better control and more importantly be able remotely turn heating on when we are getting close to our holiday home. The boiler has a...
  14. M

    Upgrading Danfoss TP9000 with remote sensor TS2 & TP5000 to Smart Drayton Wiser Kit 3

    Hello fellow users, I have a wired non-smart Danfoss thermostats system that I am trying to replace with Drayton Wiser 3 kit but running into some issues where I would like your knowledge and expertise. The current system is: TP9000 controlling ground floor heating and overall Water of the...
  15. M

    Adding Drayton Wiser TRVs to a NEST setup

    Hi, Hoping someone can help as I have looked everywhere without success. My setup... I have a fairly new NEST setup that controls hot water and central heating from a Valliant ECOtek plus. I have a megaflow in the loft (probably not relevant). All radiators are on a single circuit. What I'm...
  16. C

    Drayton wiser hub r wiring help

    Hello I have installed the Drayton wiser hub r and have connected it to the dual digital thermostats. Whenever I increase the temp on the thermostats the little flame appears, and the LED for heating on the hub r lights up but the central heating on the boiler does not come on. We do not have a...
  17. matburton

    Boiler backplate - Hot water needed for heating

    Hi, I have a pretty old gas boiler system, it's a two channel setup. Oddly for the central heating to work the hot water must also be on :confused: Recently I've swapped out the mechanical timer with a Drayton Wiser Hub. So for the first time I now have a thermostat (y) But that leads to a...
  18. R

    Upgrading to Smart TRV's

    I've installed a smart heating system and, in doing so, replaced all the old TRV's with smart TRV's but left the two hall radiators just with their original manual valves. The characteristics of the smart heating system and how it handles the water flow means I can either have these two rads...
  19. R

    Configuring Wiser SmartHub System

    I'm into day 3 of fitting this and trying to get the whole system fully working. It is a 3 channel system, has 2 room thermostats, 13 smart trv's and 2 smart plugs. All trv's have schedules and are allocated to the correct rooms and channels. Almost everything worked fine first time - apart...
  20. J

    Honeywell cm907 to drayton wiser hub r

    Hi, After some advice about installing a Drayton wiser hub r. I currently have a honeywell cm907 but I'm totally lost on the wiring. I've attached photos of the current wiring and the diagram provided by Drayton. Current wiring is brown/live to A, black to B & grey not connected. Thanks in advance