Accenta G3 mini -Help please

30 Nov 2015
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United Kingdom
I am after some help... My battery died and I have bought a new one and refitted this after a few days of having no power going to the alarm.
The keypad buzzer went off and this was reset and silenced.
After I re-applied mains power the main alarm bell sounded but can't be silenced with the reset button or the normal code.
Do I need this anti code number that the manual refers too?
Do I get it from accenta themselves as I don't know who was the engineering company that fitted this.
Or can I totally reset the alarm back to factory settings and will this wipe out this anti code number I think i need.
Am I right in assuming if I factory reset it power it all back on I can just silence it by pressing reset and the codes will be 0123 and 9999 then I can change the 0123 code.
Any help much appreciated
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Yeah I have tried that cheers
Works ok when just running on the new battery but soon as I apply power the outside bell won't turn off..
That's when I read in the instruction manual about the anti code reset
So you power it up ? You enter your code ? The internal sounder stops ? But the outside bell keeps ringing ?
Yes ?
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Yes basically
With no mains power and running on the new battery it's working as expected. Can silence the keypad and the day light comes on solid. I can arm the alarm too.
But as soon as I knock the breaker the external bell rings and can't be silenced with my code or 0123 (in case I had reset by accident) or by pressing the reset button
So powered by battery ONLY no mains ok ? Sets ok .... Turn ON mains alarm starts ringing outside only ? Or internal , code stops internal , but outside carries on ?
Yes mate when mains power is turned on I can't silence the outside ringer/ bell the 'reset' or code don't work

Do I need this anti code reset or if I factory reset the whole system and clear any memory will this resolve the issue once I put power on
No sounds like panels up the shoot , you can't hurt defaulting panel, if it's still same replace it
Thanks I will try this. I will try and get this anti code reset too just in case then try and factory reset at the weekend so I am not working on it at night
Much appreciated
UPDATE - I have called Honeywell support, explained the fault, the support woman told me to power off and power on and do the reset reset within 5 seconds to factory reset it... i'm not convinced.. surely that just factory resets the 2 codes? back to 0123 and 9999
Reset alarm by reset reset same fault as soon as power is turned on and also shorted out panel and rest the nvm

Process of elimination now changing bell box then will look at control panel then wiring
Panel panel panel panel..... How can it be anything else if you say it works on battery only fine ! All you are doing by adding the mains supply is inputting 17-21v AC onto the pcb
Would a g4 panel be ok to replace or a like for like I am struggling to find a g3 panel

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