Achieving Part P

If joe bloggs does involve his LABC, and they find that joe has installed his new circuit in a way which could kill his 4 year old daughter, and the inspection process prevents this happening, does the cost of £125 still seem unreasonable?
Trouble is, I suspect most of us "joe bloggs" that do actually talk to LABC & comply are most likely to be the ones that are also conscientous & competant (small c) enough to do the job safely. I'd bet that the people doing jobs (either DIY or ... charging...) that are done in a dangerous way are the same people that dont give a fig about LABC & Part P or other laws. Yes, I know they are breaking the law etc,...

In a similar position to the OP, I dont actually mind notification, but I do mind that even the smallest notifiable jobs attract a stiff charge (though, to be fair, that charge may be the same for a much bigger job). So I like the idea rfom Chris J (3rd post in the field), though no-one has commented if they thing it would be a go-er....
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I couldn't agree more.

I'm sure that the examples of Bad Things™ done by DIYers are nearly always the result of ignorance, not a knowing disregard for the way it should be done.

Remedying the ignorance would be a big step forward, whereas the current notification regime doesn't work with the ignorant, but does hamper those who know what they are doing.

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and I now have quite a backlog of work needing done at my home. .

I wonder if this approach would work?
Make one Application to your LABC for "reorganising my electrics", listing everything that needed to be done, paid their fee etc. and then did the work, advising them accordingly. They would then have to inspect & test etc., and you would achieve your end result for the cost of their fee??
No reason why that shouldn't work, but you'd have to do everything in one go, i.e. all the individual backlog jobs to 1st fix at the same time, then 2nd fix.

Might not be easy....
Thats why we should be actively encouraging people to involve their LABC.

The more publicity it can get, the better.

Might actually be a good way of getting rid of Part P if loads of DIYers did start involving their LABC. When I wired an extension to my house myself, the electrical testing cost the LABC quite a bit more than I paid them for the inspection of the whole build from plans to painting. :evil:
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Ban all sheds Said,

"No reason why that shouldn't work, but you'd have to do everything in one go, i.e. all the individual backlog jobs to 1st fix at the same time, then 2nd fix. "

Do you only get a specified time to do all the first fix and then at that all in one go or can you do it add hock as you might if you were a Registered Domestic Installer?

This might invlove LABC paying several visits at both first & final fix stages and drive them right around the bend LOL
I'm lead to beleive that a building notice can remain open for a number (2?) of years, I suppose if you were producing your own EICs, and the BCO was just casting a quick eye over them and the job, then it should be pretty simple... but if the LABC are having to contract out for the testing part for you at the each 'lump' of work, then they wouldn't like it too much and might dig heels!...
Yes but we might find that they do not have a right to dig their heels in .
LOL, and they must "toe the line".
My local authority charged one fee for installation of an electric shower and replacement of consumer unit. I just described that as the work to be done.
They never came near the place. I did the work myself, had it checked by a friend who has passed the exams for part P. He also supervised my work on the consumer unit as I was not 100% confident on that. Said friend also did a test on the entire installation, not just the bit I'd done. I submitted the test report he prepared to the LABC, expecting them to come out and do their own test and inspection. Instead they just issued me a Completion Certificate. Easy money for them.

Hampshire Sparrow
By passing them the test results you encouraged them to be naughty boys,
You should `ave kept it yerself and not even mentioned it to `em, then see if they turn up and look at it/test it

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