Adding 2 extra Radiators

13 Nov 2016
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United Kingdom
Hello and thank you for allowing me to join.

I'm after some advice . I'm in meltdown . Haha

I have a Worcester Greenstar Highflow 440cdi boiler which states it has a Boiler CH Output (BTU) of 100000 . My house is a 3 storey Victorian Style house. The third floor is in the loft and has 2 bedrooms. 1 Large and 1 small and has never had radiators installed there. The previous people that lived here had the mentioned boiler installed. There are currently 9 radiators installed which are a selection of sizes and types with fins without fins single and double. After doing some online research I think I found the BTU of each radiator which has a total of 19,780 watts which I believe equates to 67,252 BTU. I oversized on some radiators as I couldn't find the specific one so went up to next available size. Better safe than sorry I thought.

My thought is to put a 900 x 600 Single Panel with fins in the smaller room which is 1080 watts.

And put a 1200 x 600 Double Panel with Double Fins in the larger room which is 2680 watts.

Together total 12,784 BTU so I'm in a safe range of the boiler without killing it. It's bloody new.

So there's the history and my thought.


Can I just branch off the existing radiator in the room below which is 15mm copper and add the extra 2 Radiators with plastic piping or do I need to go ripping up floors and look for 22mm pipe and T off them pipes ?? Please tell me Plan A. Haha.

I hope I have given enough information and eagerly wait for replies.

And many thanks in advance for your replies. Anthony.
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