Alex Belfield

Love him or hate him, he gets a lot of attention. He's just been banged up for 5 and a bit years for what? People have had less for more serious crimes.
Is he the one that i referred to as Bellend here? Then i got a load of grief for being rude about the only person "telling the truth"?

Reminds me of that other not job Yaxley-lemon. Spouts vile bs them gets upset when people call him out for being a total ****.
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The thing that puzzles me the most is the fact that he is a trained & experienced journalist. He knows full well the laws that apply to his trade yet he seems to have broken them to the extent that for the next 2 + 1/2 yrs he needs to think about whether picking up the soap is beneficial to his wellbeing !

This isn't over yet & I don't think we have a true picture of exactly what is happening here.
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That's the one, relied on by some in as some sort of free thinker. Horrible person all round.
Is it possible that a person can be defined by more than one of their qualities???
He apparently had a company registered under the name Champagne sippers ltd.
He raised a lot of money from crowdfunding and donations to his site.
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